Coffee, please.

Today is going to be a busy day week. I'm very excited about my coffee brewing at the moment.

Me, 20 minutes. (in man form)

So what do I have planned for this joyous cool, rainy fall morning? 

Here's my to-do list, because I don't feel like being creative.

  • Vacuum living room rug. Clean floors AGAIN. Now that I have drooly crawlers, drool just gets smeared all over the floor. Yummy!
  • Cut the pineapple. I suck at cutting it. It deserves a place on my to-do list.
  • Finish 2 custom Etsy orders. Well, start and finish one I put off doing yesterday. And finish the other.
  • Laundry. UGH. 
  • I'd love to fit some yoga in somewhere. My back aches. 
  • Start Finish Isaiah's Halloween hat. 
  • Unload the dishwasher. I haven't opened it yet. I hope everything in there is clean. Isn't it the WORST when stuff is still dirty? Total buzz kill.
  • Take out garbage. And recycling. Chikezie was supposed to. He didn't. Now I can't stand looking at it so I'll do it.
Oh and, this isn't on my to-do list but I feel like announcing it. I'm going VEGAN for 30 days. (Today is day 1.) I've been wanting to do this for a few reasons and I feel it'll be a little easier to commit to since it's only for 30 days. I was a vegetarian for a year before I got pregnant and then I gave in to pregnancy cravings. Let's face it, pregnancy cravings mean business. You don't argue with  them. And I did not. I don't eat a lot of meat right now and don't mind meat substitutes.

But on a serious note, I feel like I need a little kick in the pants. My eating habits have been less than stellar. LESS than less than stellar. I feel like kicking out the heavy cheeses and creams and dips and crap I've been eating will force me to clean my act up a little. I'm hoping to sort of "cleanse" my body over the next 30 days and force myself to really commit to this getting rid of pregnancy weight thing. I'm tired of looking in the mirror  wishing I was rid of these pounds. The things I did before babies to lose weight just aren't working ( I didn't really have to work super hard if I just committed). 

So yeah. Peace out dairy, eggs and meat. See you in 30 days. 

What are some things you've really been putting off that you need to get done? 

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  1. ugh that is so me this morning, and the coffee pot was taking forever! to finish brewing. Love your blog, I'm a constant stalker but never commented before. Our little Man is also a Feb. Baby and just starting to crawl. Gosh I can't imagine having two of him!!! but you inspire me!

  2. Isn't coffee the best? I think it was invented specifically for tired moms.

  3. I feel your pain on the whole mirror thing. I have about 5 pounds that is just sitting around my waist and I can't seem to knock them. I try to avoid mirrors-especially before and after I shower because it disgusts me. Good luck with your 30 Day cleanse! I know you can do it! Hope you'll come link again next week!! Great to have you!!

  4. Little tip, Pampered Chef makes a pineapple cutter that will make your day :)