I'm having so much fun with my new camera. But I still have some loves from my point and shoot! I'm also having fun editing these wile I'm watching Teen Wolf on Netflix! I forgot how AMAZING this movie is LOL!



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Touch Up Tuesday's at the Paper Mama

Here are a few shots of an afternoon in the park a week or two ago. Isaiah hated the grass, Julian inspected it like he does everything :)


I have two explorers. So many toys and all they want to do is crawl around and touch everything. Life through the eyes of a child is AMAZING! Everything is new and brilliant.
Oh, and notice those cute legs? Yep. Made them. I refuse to pay $20 a pair for Babylegs when I can just make them myself from women's knee socks :)

And then there's this:
Don't mind the massive amounts of drool on his shirt. Daddy decided his bib was pretty much pointless. Focus on the Grandpa face. Actually this looks more like he's just biting his bottom lip, which is SO funny to me because I bit my bottom lip so much when I was little. I used to have a chapped chin all the time-up until probably 4 years old. We get a good laugh every time Julian does this :)


  1. All that gorgeousness is just too much!! How I want to nom!

    Also I'm officially requesting a tutorial on the legwarmers please.

  2. I'm actually working on a tutorial! I thought there's no way I can share these leg warmers without showing everyone how to make them. It takes like 10 minutes, seriously. Plus there really isn't a lot to pick from for boys so I'm glad I can make my own!

  3. SO many pictures, so much cuteness...I love your touchup - what a great black and white!

  4. Women's knee socks?! No kidding? That's awesome. I sure hope you have a tutorial in the works. That sounds genius!

  5. love the "babylegs". if only i had a sewing machine & an ounce of sewing know-how, i would totally do this.
    cute pictures :)

  6. Oh so cute!!! Visiting from the Paper Mama challenge