This week at The Paper Mama is "Mama and Me". I took these today:

 Isaiah can't hide how much he loves my kisses.

Teaching Julian "niiiice" touch versus ripping my face off, which is what he usually does.

The Paper Mama

I'll also use this one for the "Light" Challenge:

And it makes me happy:

And at the Paper Camera, this week's theme is Show and Tell: Self Portrait:
This is me in all my just woke up at 6 am, super sleepy morning glory. Bags under eyes. No make up. But this little smirk is what is inside, too.  It's what gets me through the long/hard/frustrating days. With all I've been through, this little smirk hasn't faded and I think it's helped make me who I am ... the strong woman I am today. The one who keeps on smiling and rolling with the punches. Have a challenge for me? Bring it.
(I wish my hair was always this calm in the mornings! I didn't wash it last night :)

Photography love... Facing Myself

Aaaand Touch Up Tuesday:
Here's my original of Isaiah:

Here's the finished product:
I just adjusted the levels to make his face a little brighter and then warmed it up!
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  1. Such cute babies! Great shots and great touch up.

    Erika B

  2. So I love all of these - I especially like your send picture, your selfie and your touchup. Ok, so I love them all. :)

  3. Great photos!

    That touchup is very cool.

  4. Ashley-I keep trying to post your button on my page and it just won't work-can you send me the code maybe? I'm copying it from your blog and it just will not work!

  5. What a cute guy he is! And I love that last photo.


  6. Hi there! I am your newest follower from the blog hop!! Lovely blog:) You can find me at

    SOOOOO CUTE!! I could look at baby pics all day. I have quiet a few on my blog:)
    I also have a few really cute giveaways for handmade baby stuff so check them out if you come visit:)

  7. Your boys are adorable!!! And you look so much like my husband's cousin, it's a little weird! lol :)

  8. Great before and after edits and I love the pic of you and your boy!! So cute!

  9. oh your babies are adorable!!! Soo cute! New follower here :) Happy Tuesday!
    Kelly from

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  11. great shots! I love your second capture, it's so sweet:)

  12. I deleted my previous post. Too many typos. Sorry.

    Trying again without 5 people trying to talk to me. Adorable baby photos. I'm intrigued by the Paper Camera theme.

  13. I love your blog! Thank so much for linking up today!

  14. Love the adjustments you made on the last photo! Your boys are so sweet!

  15. Your babies are so beautiful!

    What a fun self portrait, not only are you a strong woman, but you KNOW it too. That smirk tells a great story!

  16. Cute! I love the me and mama photos! I really need to teach Ruari nice touch too. Instead of grab and pull.

    The self portrait is wonderful too!

  17. awww. how sweet, love these. Thanks so much for linking up!