Ok ya'll. I'm taking a little break until next week. I need to get some things finished here for Halloween and around the house that I've been wanting to get done for awhile.

So I'll be playing catch up for the next few days and won't be around! 

But before I go get down with my busy self, can you take like...2 seconds to click? 
I'm down to 41 already ...sad face.

We Are Top Baby Blog


  1. good for you mama. enjoy your break! i clicked for ya... twice :)

  2. yeah, we really are in the same boat and that stinks so much! i hope you're feeling better...your comment made me smile and your email in response to mine meant so much to me. it's just nice knowing that i'm not alone! thanks :)

  3. Love your blog, just found you and are going to follow and vote :)