army boy

This little boy is on the move. He could easily pass basic training with these stealth moves and speed. 

He's also figured out exactly how to turn the paci to get it into his mouth right. Good thing we only use this at night in bed...or to bribe him to move. Muahahaa! 

Then he gets pissed at me because I hold it just out of reach and he can't figure out how to get up to it. Working on problem solving skills one tease at a time.


  1. Yay! I'm sure Isaiah will be right behind him. Yay for teasing our babies. :D

    Ummm... He has THE best hair EVER!

  2. poor isaiah! i bet he's so jealous.

  3. Aw so cute! I can't wait til Addison is crawling around like that! Soon your gonna have 2 on the move!!!!

  4. He is too stinkin cute! My nephew army crawled everywhere for a long time. It was so adorable! :)