Happy Halloween!!

We didn't go trick or treating. The boys don't even know what candy is so that would mean mommy and daddy went trick or treating. I think we're a little old for that.

However, we did manage to get the dudes into costume and snap a few pictures this morning. Growing up I don't remember EVER having a bought costume and really liked the creativity in all of my costumes. So, I decided I wanted to pass that on to the boys. 

Let's see if you can all guess what they are:

If you didn't figure it out...here's a little clue:

Hope everyone had a great holiday!

The Paper Mama

Julian Says Dada! (video)

Ok, so he doesn't know what he's saying...but this is the first time we've gotten anything other than squeals, growls, weird noises, and "yayayaya"'s 

So I'm a little excited.

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real life

Many women enter into pregnancy having no idea about what will happen to their bodies after babies. What do you look like after the baby comes out? Well, your body will shrink back to normal, that's for sure. But many people aren't prepared for what they're left with in the weeks following baby.

I found a couple pictures yesterday that I had originally deleted but decided to save. 

How many weeks pregnant am I in this picture??

I'm am 1 week..POSTPARTUM. 

Some women walk out of the hospital in the pants they wore pre-pregnancy. (*cough cough* my mom ...after TRIPLETS) Some women can even wear their own pants a couple months after baby. Well, my body didn't do what a lot of people's tummies do. There are so many emotions running through a new mother, and it can be a little depressing or shocking to see yourself in the mirror when you get home from the hospital. Your body is now suddenly something completely different. What was once this beautiful, full baby house full of life and possibility is now a saggy, abandoned, thoroughly used up house. 

Now that it's not serving this beautiful purpose, it doesn't seem as beautiful anymore. Nobody ever tells you about this. And no women dare ever take a photo of it. We're ashamed and embarrassed. Why? The body does some amazing things. 

Now, my belly is almost back to normal. But for those of you who haven't had kids or think you felt fat after babies...we all do. We all have those moments thinking, will I ever look better? Will I always be like this? 

It does get better. Some women aren't blessed to get immediate shrinkage. I was not that blessed...and I'm glad I could document this stage in my life. Maybe not the most glamorous, but definitely real. And truthful. And honest. That makes it beautiful. 

If this is what I needed to look like to bring two beautiful, healthy, amazing little men into this world, then I'd do it again 100 times over. 

time to bust out the needles

So I recently discovered Ravelry.com....the knitter/crocheter's dream. Endless patterns and many of them are free. 

I've saved up quite a few patterns to my favorites and now I just need to get to knitting (and/or crocheting).

Here are some of my absolute LOVES.

Cutest bib EVER. I know it's just for drool but come on...

Um, yes please. These colors are amazing.

This slouch hat looks SO easy. And you can get really creative with the colors.

I love this little flower! It totally makes the hat.

Ok, this is WAY more advanced than I can do but I heart this. 

Do I get this cute baby too?

Chikezie does NOT care what we do to our room...sooo....

This is probably the hippest baby blanket I've ever seen.

The boys would LOVE climbing on this.

How cute would the boys look in these matching sets??

Ok I need to stop looking and start making.
What do you guys think I should make first? Cast your vote and I'll start creating!

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the past couple days

Well, my mom had knee surgery today. She tore her ACL coaching volleyball a month or more ago. She's continued to work (for the post office) over the past weeks, walking on it with a brace, carrying heavy mail bags and delivering mail on her bad knee. With the injury to her knee she's noticed more pain in a previous ankle sprain that didn't fully heal so she's been in PT for that as well... It sucks being so far away from home at times like this. I'd love to be there to visit her (especially with the boys). 

*I do know her surgery went well but the docs said there was lots of damage...that's all I know so far.*
Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers that she has a speedy and healthy recovery!

So-to keep my mind off worrying about my mom-here's a few random shots from our fun past couple days.

Wednesday night we enjoyed giggling and playing in the boys' room for awhile. We also learned Julian will suck on almost everything, including Daddy's hair. 

Brothers have been army crawling everywhere. They always just end up following each other around, eventually climbing on each other and then eventually somebody gets stuck or hurt.

We spent lots of time outdoors and aren't naps outside on a sunny warm day the best?

The warm fall breeze and some diffused sun rays on your head make the perfect recipe for an afternoon nap. 

And last night we carved pumpkins for the first time! Julian was right up in all the action. Isaiah had fun sucking on the top of the pumpkin I'd cut off. I don't know if it's bad or good for him or what but I figured it's just a pumpkin!

And then Daddy carved his first pumpkin EVER! I can't believe he hasn't ever done this before. 

And he was thoroughly grossed out by the "gutting" process lol.

And of course, our finished products. My owl only has one cyclops eyeball because I was in a hurry with babies crawling all over me and messed up. 
Chikezie's lion is pretty darn good for his first time, right? I love my creative husband :)

here comes the sun!

FINALLY! This is the first morning in awhile that I woke up to a sunrise. We've been having so much rain and even on mornings with no rain, it's cloudy and foggy. Well, today it's supposed to be in the upper 70's so I really have no business being inside typing this!

I will say a couple of random things and then I'm off to enjoy the weather with my little explorers:

  • I did Bob Harper's Yoga for the Warrior DVD for the first time this morning. Loved it. It is 1 hour of fast paced power yoga. Good if you already know basic poses because he doesn't spend a lot of time explaining how to do each but moves quick enough that I wasn't bored and was definitely challenged. I really liked 1 hour. It seems long, compared to a couple other shorter DVD's I have but I felt like I really did something in an hour.
  • I've been reading Eat Pray Love for the past couple weeks before bed and have decided I really need to just sit down and read some chunks during the day. I saw the movie and heard the book was equally as good if not better and so far it is great.
  • I still have to finish Isaiah's Halloween hat. It only took me a few hours to crochet Julian's mouse ears so Isaiah's hat shouldn't take me that long...and I need to do it.
  • We also need to carve pumpkins. Maybe tonight?
  • I don't care what anyone says .PB & J (at least the kind that I eat) is good for you. Whole wheat bread, natural PB and sugar free strawberry preserves. Pure. BLISS.
Ok...I typed that as fast as I possibly could...so much to do and enjoy on this beautiful day-I'm out of here!

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I'm having so much fun with my new camera. But I still have some loves from my point and shoot! I'm also having fun editing these wile I'm watching Teen Wolf on Netflix! I forgot how AMAZING this movie is LOL!



The Paper Mama

Touch Up Tuesday's at the Paper Mama

Here are a few shots of an afternoon in the park a week or two ago. Isaiah hated the grass, Julian inspected it like he does everything :)


I have two explorers. So many toys and all they want to do is crawl around and touch everything. Life through the eyes of a child is AMAZING! Everything is new and brilliant.
Oh, and notice those cute legs? Yep. Made them. I refuse to pay $20 a pair for Babylegs when I can just make them myself from women's knee socks :)

And then there's this:
Don't mind the massive amounts of drool on his shirt. Daddy decided his bib was pretty much pointless. Focus on the Grandpa face. Actually this looks more like he's just biting his bottom lip, which is SO funny to me because I bit my bottom lip so much when I was little. I used to have a chapped chin all the time-up until probably 4 years old. We get a good laugh every time Julian does this :)

weird dreams

Yall. I don't know what has brought this on but the past two nights I've had some really strange dreams...and they have to do with a couple blogging mamas LOL! I must really need to get out!

So here's my dream from 2 nights ago:
This dream involves Jess and her hubby over at Boho Baby Bump. Do I know Jess in real life? I sure don't! Which makes me having dreams about her and her hubby even more strange! Basically my dream took place on the farm I grew up on. I apparently owned the farm and Jess and Sam bought it from us. Behind the house was this wooded area (I had a tree house there growing up). I went back to visit them to see the renovations they did on the house and they had actually built this sweet little cabin-thingy. It's hard to explain. It was almost all windows so all you could see was the trees surrounding the cabin and everything inside was very earthy and modern. That really was most of the dream lol...so random!

And my dream from last night was not quite as nice:
It started out normal, I was shopping at the grocery store and ran into Jess (from irocksowhat) and Wyatt. We were in the check out line and I got Wyatt some gum? Lol I don't know. After the grocery store I walked out to our shiny little white SUV (with chrome trim!) with the boys. Chikezie was suddenly there as I was loading groceries into the car, it turned into a red pickup. All the groceries were in the back and Chikezie put is laptop bag in the back and said he'd be right back. I get the boys in the pickup and then some man and a woman approach me, ask me some questions and as they walk away the guy attempts to steal the laptop. I fought him for it until he pulls out a gun. I run to get into the pickup but I'm not familiar with the windows/locks and I'm trying to lock the doors and start the truck. The woman jumps in the truck and starts hitting me and I'm kicking her against the other door....I mean this is a VIOLENT dream! I'm like, smashing her head against the window and remember seeing it crack repeatedly. I'm trying to protect my babies. The man keeps trying to get in my driver's side door and I somehow get away and get the lady out of the car.

So I'm all of a sudden back at our apartment and trying to pack things because those people are going to be coming after us. 

Then it turns to day and Chikezie is back at the apartment and we have a Spanish speaking maid who has no idea what we're talking to her about. She insisted on watching the boys so we could get stuff done, so we let her watch them. After awhile I run to check on her in the kitchen and Isaiah has green powder in his mouth...and Julian is laying on the floor. (This part is hard for me to even type.) I screamed in horror...she gave them Comet (the household cleaner) and I'm screaming trying to scrape it out of Isaiah's mouth. I look to  Julian who is laying with blue lips on the floor. I'm freaking out trying to resuscitate him and Chikezie is working on helping Isaiah. I'm sobbing and screaming.

And then I wake up.

Awesome dream huh? I have no idea where all this is coming from. But that last dream really freaked me out. Both boys woke up last night and I let Isaiah sleep with us because I was so sad! I thought crazy dreams like this were done after I was pregnant. It might have had to do with the fact that I woke up with the boys a couple times so my sleep cycle was off.

Do you get crazy/scary dreams??

Please help me feel better :) A couple clicks might help. (oh poor me)
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New Knits!

Well, I figured it was time to start whipping up some knits for fall and winter. I'm a little sad I'd probably sweat to death wearing this here during the winter, I figured I'd make some for everyone else to enjoy.

So, here is the first of some new knitting projects I'm working on and are up for grabs in my 

I'm seriously obsessed with this color lately.

It can be a hood if it gets extra blustery out!

Or to cover your nose and mouth when the air is so cold it hurts to breathe. (You Midwest people know what I'm talking about!)

Or it can be just be like a scarf to add to your daily wardrobe! 

Go get it! OR message me if you want a specific color :)

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