we've been busy

Life feels like it's just FLYING by right now. The boys are learning new things every day and I feel like I can hardly keep up!

We've been hit by the Similac recall, which caused a mini-situation yesterday when I had 2 hungry boys and no milk to feed them. We loaded up on baby food and took a nap so mama could figure out a backup. So, for now we're using the liquid concentrated version of Similac Advance, 1 bottle makes 8 8oz bottles for me...aka not quite 1 day's worth, for around $9.30 each. So expensive! I'm talking to the doctor today to see what we can switch to that won't cost our next born lol. 

Besides that little hiccup-we've got some major stuff going on around the E household. 

We outgrew our whale tub and aren't quite big enough to sit still in the big tub. We've tried the sink and there's too much slippin' and slidin'. So I bought this inflatable duck tub:

Why not test it out in the living room? Who needs water.

Another big update: We officially have two sitters!

and sometimes loungers:

AND, I don't have a picture because he won't keep his mouth open, but Isaiah's bottom right tooth is starting to break through the skin. Just a tiny, little bit, but it's so great to see something after all this fussiness!

Oh, and Julian is going to start crawling soon. This is what he does on the floor:
He gets mad and then gets up on his knees. He's gotten up on his hands a couple times and will rock back and forth out of anger. 

I am SO not ready for crawling babies with teeth. 


  1. they have grown so much since i've first started to read your blog! it's amazing really.

  2. Oh my gosh. That inflatable duck tub is so adorable and your kiddos in it are just priceless. Those faces. Too cute!

  3. Oh my goodness, that picture of them 'lounging' is ADORABLE.

  4. LOL they think they're models. Actually, they KNOW when I'm taking pictures because they purposely follow the camera and keep smiling like they know what to do.