some friends

I have a few friends I think you should meet:

Amy, Sam and cutie baby Parker. Cute blog, even cuter baby...cute cute cute.

Mommy to twins Elijah and Luke. Oh and this lady can cook. Us twin mamas have to stick together.

and then, she {snapped}
Baby Charlie has the sweetest smile and huge blue eyes. Oh and her other two kids look like models. LOVE.

Another mama who is obsessed with photo!

More twins. I absolutely love Sam and Ana, and they're only 6 days older than the Dudes! I've gotten lots of tips and tricks from reading her blog. Great for all you mamas of twins!

Katie is AWESOME. If you're looking for a mama with some real motivation to do some good, here she is. And Drake is a total stud (with a best friend puppy)!

Katie is also holding a giveaway for a $20 store credit for some cutie flower hair clips. GO ENTER..I'm like your only competition right now.

Oh, and go tell Jess Happy Birthday today! 
Wyatt is the man. And she takes some wicked photos.


  1. You are way too sweet!! ::running off to check out the others blogs::

  2. whoa! thanks! you're pretty rad too!

  3. thanks, man! you're so sweet! i'm going to check out everyone else on your list. :)

    <3, Alex

    p.s. - my kids names are Elijah and Judah. but i still love you. ;)

  4. Lol why the heck did I type Luke?? I must have been thinking of a Luke...I do that all the time!

  5. thanks for the plug. gonna go meet some new blogs now. thanks!

  6. Yay! This made my day. I voted for you again, btw!