makeover Friday

We've all been there. Stuck in the drone of mommyhood to one day look in the mirror and shriek in horror at what you've let yourself become.

You now resemble more of a fuzzy beast. A shell of your former, much better groomed self. 

Well today I had that moment and decided to take charge.

Exhibit A:
Don't turn away in horror. You must see the truth. This is a mama who needs a hair cut BADLY. It was once a stylish chin length angled bob. It has morphed into messy and awkwardly cut grown out hot mess. Granted this is straight out of bed hair and no makeup, it simply WON'T do.

And, if you zoom in closer you will notice not two (but not for long), what were once nicely trimmed eyebrows on my forehead now resemble fuzzy caterpillars slowly growing their way across my face. 

Exhibit B:
OH THE CARNAGE! Wow, put on some makeup lady! And get those things back under control!

So, I took matters in my own  hands. And much to the dismay of hairstylists around the world I got a little crazy. 


Yep. Plain 'ole box dye. I'm brave and have done it probably 50 times in my life so I wasn't afraid. I've had it turn out wrong maybe once. 

But then it got even more wild.


Something I've also done probably a dozen times in my life. I hate paying upwards of $100 for a cut/color. Plus they never really get what I'm asking them to do. AND have no idea how to straighten hair without it looking poofy. Didn't they go to hair school?? They try to blow dry my hair-which is really thick and they realize halfway through it's going to take forever. So they hurry through it and through the straightening. Ugh!

I have curly hair so if I mess up and it's not perfect, I can just wear it messy and nobody will ever be able to tell.  But alas, I didn't mess up. 

Exhibit C:
Ta daaaaaaa!!! Granted, the after picture I actually put a little make up on. But people always do that for the after picture. So whatev. 

And if you look closely, I whipped those eyebrows back into submission. 


Here is a closer comparison for all you before and after people.


  1. Your haircut is great! Awesome job! i could never cut my own hair! I too have a very grown out angled bob, its like well past my collar bone in the front and a lot shorter in the back. I so don't want to pay to get it cut! haha I'm cheap so Im waiting to visit my aunt/hairstylist for a FREE haircut! haha

  2. Looks amazing! I color my own hair as well. I have since i was 20, so I get really annoyed when stylists try to scold me, especially if they just finished telling me how healthy and beautiful my hair is. I cut my own bangs and keep the face-framing layers trimmed, but I haven't been brave enough to cut anything else. I look about 30 times worse than your "before" right now!

  3. Wow! I am impressed! You look great! I am in serious need of a cut but I am so not brave enough.

  4. I do the color, but not the cut. (Mine is very long.) Good for you, Brave Mommy!

  5. that is so funny!! I just did the same thing (minus the cutting of the hair) my hair is supposed to be at shoulder length but i hate getting haircuts so mine is a hot mess as well. and i just got my eyebrows waxed and dyed my hair as well! oh the joys of being a mom, you are more worried about what your kids look like! LOL

  6. SO CUTE, And I must say you're pretty talented!

  7. It looks great. Can you come cut and color my hair? LOL! I think you looked beautiful in the 1st picture too though. Better then I look when I get out of bed.

  8. I think you look great! You did a great job!

  9. Wow I wish I could cut my own hair. It looks great! I also use box color and it always comes out great! In fact you have inspired me to go get some and give myself a good color!

  10. im so excited! i just bought a box of hair color yesterday and cant wait to get it on my grown out roots! my hair is so ashy brown it looks grey sometimes! yuck! and love the haircute. you did a great job and look great! i love all your freckles!

  11. woah. i think my fingers are so used to typing "cute" that anytime i type cut is comes out cute! ahaha!

  12. I thought the 'haircute' was a great new word Jill! You are a clever Duck Mama Mandey!

  13. I like your haircut. You did a great job on it. So cute.

  14. adorable! very haircute. ; ) this momma needs a makeover too, but i'm a chicken scaredy cat so i can't even THINK about cutting my own stick straight hair.

  15. You are so pretty! I love your hair both ways, actually! and I absolutely LOVE your freckles! How did you cut it? I need a haircut as well, but I'm so tempted to save the money and do it myself... I'm just scared, lol

  16. Thanks guys! I've cut my hair before, actually once when I was pregnant too lol. I just get tired of it and too irritated with people who don't cut it how I want it.

    I just got it wet, combed it straight and cut it in layers with 2 mirrors and a hand mirror for help.

    Like I said, it's probably not even and sometimes over the week after I'll notice something not right and trim it a little. Beats having to pay so much money for a good cut and half the time nobody knows the difference!