From The Desk of Julian

From the Desk of Julian:

Hey dudes! Julian here. My mama is busy doing something (I really don't know what she does all day) so I took her computer and decided write what we've been up to lately. Yeah, I can type. Can't your 6 month old? Amateurs. 

Isaiah been dealing with some major cases of bed hair. The longer it gets, the more wild it gets.Mama just lets it go. I think he looks pretty cool. He pulls off electrified-wind-blown look pretty well. 

I've started to develop a sense of style. I now fit into some of the cute outfits people bought us before we were born. Check out my polo and plaid shorts: (don't act like you're not impressed)

Mama totally wore out Isaiah the other night. He fell asleep on her back while she was doing dishes. However, I decided to stay awake for at least another hour. Sleep is for babies!

I love to eat. Just thought I'd throw that one in there. I just really like eating!

Isaiah thinks he's sneaky. Mama found him after nap time the other day trying to hide under some of Daddy's shorts that were on the side of his bed. I don't know about you, but I can still see him. Not sneaky at all. 

Oh, and speaking of hair styles, if my hair were any longer I'd totally be Justin Bieber with this comb over. Good thing my hair is short and curly-he looks dumb.

That's all for to play with, people to puke on. You know, the usual. 


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  1. yo julian! im totally impressed with your typing skillz and baby humor! thanks for the update!