Flashback Friday: Halloween

I love Halloween. I had some pretty good costumes growing up. A witch, a clown, a ghost one year when there was a huge snow storm on Halloween (not a good costume to wear among huge drifts of white snow), little red riding hood, Lois Lane, oh and one year I was a train conductor complete with huge train engine made out of a refrigerator box that strapped onto my shoulders. My parent's put lots of time into that costume!
My friends and I have had so much fun dressing up over the years. And of course in college of course you just add the word "sexy" before all of your costumes and that's what you are LOL. Well, my costumes were pretty tame compared to some of what I saw but we all had so much fun nonetheless. 

Here are some of my costumes over the years:

This was my Junior year. I was a cop, my friend Molly a nurse obviously. I was gross that day, I had a volleyball tournament all day long and didn't have time to do much so I just threw some fishnets under my spandex and wore them all night too! It was so hot and muggy out that night I knew I'd be sweaty anyways. 

 The next year I re-used my thigh high boot covers, spandex and fishnets and became a black cat. 
This was the first of 3 costumes in a 3 day Halloween-athon w/my bestie Christy, who happens to love Halloween just as much as I do. She was a tiger:

Here was night two:
Holy cleavage! Same shorts, spandex and I think that night I just had on pumps. Blonde wig and headband...I was a sexy secretary...or we called it a "sexretary" LOL. And Christy was a sexy cop with a matching blonde wig!

Night 3 was ACTUAL Halloween, so we got scary with it:
I was some kind of Dracula/witch with a sweet cape.

Christy was a scary devil lady:

After college my friend Molly (the nurse in the 1st pic) and I were tooth fairies:

And in 2008 we wore costumes to work, I was Sarah Palin:

And we went out that night for some Halloween fun:

And had time for another night out:
Molly was a Go-Go dancer, I was Obama Mama :)

I can't wait for the boys to understand Halloween and enjoy dressing up as much as I always did :)

What was your best costume?


  1. ha! Fun. I love costumes! I think my favorite is dressing as ANYTHING 80s, regardless of how overdone it is!

    Also, I think I'm totally stealing your idea of "Flashback Friday," because I live for old pics!

  2. Oh man, this one wins the prize as the BEST POST OF THE DAY!

    Talk about a 'Sex Kitten', eh?!

    Obama Mama?! that's too cute...and original!

    I can't wait to see what you come up with this year!

  3. Lol Lacey-I have no idea what I'm doing this year. And let's face it, my body isn't exactly back to that shape yet!

  4. ....seriously, in that one "costume" you're supposed to be a cop? You look like a hooker walking the point, not an officer of the law. Whatever happened to modesty?

  5. Dear Anonymous: Sometimes officers of the law go undercover. Don't you watch Dexter? His sister (the cop) was totally a hooker for the first half of Season 1. Plus, you can't see in the picture but I had a badge.

  6. Wait, have you been adding these to the link up?? I just stumbled across the post from hopping blog buttons from one blog to another, and I don't remember seeing this on the Flashback lineup? If not, you need to come over and add it!