I know, I know. I suck at blogging this past week. 

The cold from hell plus a billion other things (including an announcement in a second) kept me occupied all week.

Plus I have fussy teething boys, and as much as I love ya'll, the Dudes get mama's time first :) 

So, through the week I've been working my hiney off to get this little etsy shop going. I really wanted to wait until I had a friend take some good pictures up with a nice DSLR but I'm just getting antsy and my stuff is starting to pile up... I finally just decided everything will never be perfect so I just told myself to do it already!

And I did. 

The etsy shop is now open :)

Go take a look. Tell me whatcha think! (or just buy some stuff already!)

GO HERE to check it out!

Thank you all for your feedback along the way! I'm nowhere near having it all how I want it, but it's a venture out there...and a start!


  1. wow congrats on opening the Etsy shop I will be jumping over there now to check it out! Also feel better soon! I hate when colds come out of no where and knock us down (especially when we are busy with little ones)

  2. Yea for your etsy shop! I love etsy! One question. Is it to soon for requests? I would love some felt birds and girly owls for my little ones room. I love the orange owl but it doesn't match her room. She has a bunch of pink and greens. If so I would love to buy a few from you. BTW did you announce the Whoops winner and I missed it? Hope your feeling better!!!

  3. Love it! And, I'm glad you're feeling better.

  4. Ahh with everything going on I completely forgot about the Whoops! (Whoops lol) I'll get that out plus I have to do the flower give away too from last week. UGH! So much to do!

    And yes, I definitely can do requests! Let me see what kind of fabric colors I can let you know! Send me an email so I have your contact info:

  5. I just found your blog and adore it! Your babies are precious! I've birthed two babies, adopted one and now we're adopting twins from Ethiopia! I look forward to following along on your journey and am open to any multiples advice you can offer!
    Beneath the Acacia Tree

  6. Love your stuff!! Once my husband gets a new job (pray it is soon) I will have to buy some stuff:)