coach mama

I grew up playing sports. I was never extremely motivated in school, I got good grades but was never challenged. I honestly can't remember studying at all in high school. I loved sports though. I was tall for my age and I was fairly strong. I could pick up and learn things easily. In Northwest Iowa, there aren't a lot of sports for girls to do through grade school. I played softball from 2nd-10th grades. Played basketball for a year in junior high and hated it. Ran track in junior high and a couple years of throwing shot in high school. 

By the time I got to high school I'd pretty much figured out what I liked the most and what I wanted to spend my time doing. Volleyball was my sport. I spent summers at numerous camps and after my freshman year just stopped going out for softball because I was spending so much time at camps in the summer. I did off season training in the winter/spring/summer and even a couple conditioning camps all for volleyball. 

I loved everything about volleyball. I liked conditioning days. I loved getting a good block on somebody, especially the girls that nobody could ever block. I loved jumping. I loved tricking people. I learned quickly that volleyball isn't just about the big girls up front that can hit everything. I loved hitting don't get me wrong, but I love the mind games of volleyball. i love making the other girl think you're going to slam it in her face and then tip it in front of her. I love hitting it repeatedly at the same girl that keeps screwing up just because I can. I love after I get blocked, they expect me to stop hitting but instead I just hit harder. I like the time spent waiting for a serve when I can stand at the net and just stare somebody down. That's the fun part of sports, to me, the mind games. 

Anyways. I miss coaching. I played club ball in college and ten coached my team my senior year. I coached freshman volleyball at a big Catholic high school after I graduated. It's SO much work. The hours are long. Coaches get paid crap. I had to deal with crazy parents who want equal playing time for their daughter who think she's the star even though she's not. The girls get attitudes. People cry. 

But there is nothing better than watching your team succeed. I'm not talking about wins. I'm talking about the girl whose been working on hitting down line for weeks and finally gets a huge hit and looks at you like she just won the lottery. There's nothing better than seeing someone accomplish something they thought they couldn't do. Seeing a team of random girls become friends, even if it's just on the court. 

I miss coaching. I don't have time right now that the dudes are little but I will start again once they get a little bigger. Every time I feel my life is missing a little something, I can always look back and find that coaching is usually where that void is. 

Now I'm all amped up-who wants to play?  


  1. I'll watch... I'll be honest: never liked sports! I played powder puff though! ;D

  2. Hey powder puff was fun! We did that and always had a great time :)

  3. ok, when i first read this i thought it said "couch" mama. yeah, a little different... haha. i played volleyball too! it's a highly underrated sport. a seriously intense game of volleyball is so freaking exhilarating.

    i totally know what you're talking about with the mind games. everyone breaths in just anticipating you hitting it as hard as you can, & then you just lightly tap it in the open spot. that's the best.

  4. I can totally see you coaching. You would be hard core!! I hope you can get back into it.

    Hey - I tagged you on my blog today. Take a peek when you have time.

    Happy weekend!