Arizona is hot.

This weekend we ditched the boys and road tripped to Tuscon to see the Hawks play U of A. 
What we saw of the state was just all dead and lame. Oh, and it was freaking HOT. I'm more of a non-scorching heat kind of person. Maybe Phoenix is better. But Tuscon blows chunks. 

Here's a little bit of of our first get away since the dudes arrived:

Sorry Arizona, your welcome sign does NOT make me feel very welcome. Time to invest in something a little more aesthetically appealing. 

(Pardon the dust) but this was pretty average for our whole trip. On the way home we actually saw it get up to 114. Why would anyone chose to live in that??

Pretty sunset as we arrived in Tuscon after a 7.5 hour drive through the desert wasteland.

However in the daylight, this is pretty much most of Tuscon. Dry. Dead. Boo.

The night before the game we were able to go out for a few drinks and kick back. Definitely needed a drink (or 3) after that drive.

The day of the game. We had a great time tailgating (inside of course) with hundreds of our closest Hawkeye friends.

Warm ups before the game. I didn't take any pics during the game because I was either pissed off or screaming and jumping up and down...and then just generally depressed at the end. 
(We lost and played like crap.)

Hawks ready to take the field. (My favorite part of the game pretty much LOL) 

Anyways, besides the crappy loss and the stupid desert, we had a good time! It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be to leave the boys at home. I think I just really needed a break. 
And they sure had good time with Grandma :


  1. It's sooo hot here in GA, too. Looks like you guys made the best of it, tho!

  2. Great pictures!! Bummer of a game to go to though. I was sad I was up until 1:30am (here on the east coast) just to see a loss.

  3. Come here in winter, that's when the weathers nice. And I think you might be slightly bitter cause you lost so you're taking it out on Tucson. Tucson didn't do anything to you, you're just mad you drove 8 hours to see your team then they lost.

  4. Ha! Jennifer you're right! I am mad we lost! We live in southern Cali and I don't know if the weather ANYWHERE can get more mild than it is here. 60's in the winter, 80's in the summer. However, I'm a Midwest girl. I like the freezing cold and snow in the winter. I like the changing of the seasons so I won't be happy until I get that again :)

  5. sorry to hear your team lost! but it must have been nice to get away for a bit with the husband. i grew up in tucson and i promise that the desert grows on you. and i much prefer dry heat to the suffocating humidity we have here! :)


  6. I am pretty jealous of the weather where you're at. Everytime we go to Disneyland we are in love with California. Its so perfect there! Last year we went in February and it was so nice.

    The desert does grow on you though. Something about always being surrounded by beautiful blue mountains is peaceful.

    If you prefer the midwest though, the desert is probably as drastically different as can be, and not in a good way.