Are you ready for some football!!

I'm from Iowa. In Iowa, we like our college football. And it just so happens that I went to school where we have one of the greatest teams in the history of teams:


Hawkeye football games played a huge part of my college career. And you see, my friends and I weren't your average drink all weekend, I don't really care if there's a game I just want to get wasted and scream Hawkeye fans. No. We were SERIOUS fans. And it took me a few years to perfect my game day strategy.

We started tailgating our Freshman year. We'd be woken up in the first light of early morning to already drunk co-eds parading outside our dorms. We'd slowly dawn our Hawkeye gear and make it to whoever had tailgating drinks for Freshman. Someone we knew HAD to have older friends or at the very least, a fake ID.

(picture of a picture so sorry this is sucky!) Freshman on our way to tailgate!

Good 'ole fashion tailgating. Freshman style.

And then came Sophomore year and we got a little more serious. Nancy and I would wake up at the ass crack of dawn. We'd forgo drinking the night before (most of the time) so we could be properly prepared for the morning. We'd blast the Iowa Fight Song  as we got our uniforms on. We'd march to Kinnick Stadium while everyone else was still drinking from the night before or beginning their tailgating for the morning. 

We could be drinking but we were serious this year. We wanted FRONT. ROW. SEATS. And at Kinnick Stadium, in the student section. You fight for those seats. We'd be fully prepared when the gates opened and ran like horses out of the gates of the Kentucky Derby. We'd risk our lives sprinting down the bleachers, watching our fellow sprinters falling behind us and most times...we were successful. FRONT. ROW. SEATS. Nothing better. 

A couple of times we risked tailgating in line to the game. Once we had to round up whatever leftover alcohol Nancy and Kristin had in their dorm room fridge or hiding under the piles of laundry in the closet...and ended up with Raspberry Vodka or something along those lines and warm Cherry Coke. Yum. LOL.

And then we did our REAL tailgating AFTER the game:
This brings back some HILARIOUS memories from our Sophomore year.

And then we were Juniors. And the drinking continued. At all hours of the morning:

I believe this was my 2nd beer. 6:56 AM! I later painted my stomach with a big "I" and wrote Iowa on my chest...which later sunburned and I had the words "IOWA" tan-lined across my chest backward for at least a week. Live and learn!

The variety of Hawkeye gear is never ending:

And although Nancy and I didn't get front row EVERY time anymore, occasional we would. And our drunk friends would meet up with us in line:

By senior year, we were old pros at this. We even had a pre-first game tailgate at our house the night before!

Of course, Chikezie loved the Hawkeyes just as much as I did. He played rugby for Iowa and his twin brother was a former Hawkeye football player himself and was now on staff for the Hawks. So we got killer seats :)

Sometimes he had to work (at the bar) during games, so Christy and I would meet up with him afterward to drink to celebrate the wins:

Even after we graduated, Christy and I still made it to as many Hawkeye games as we could. Even though we lived in different cities, the reunions were always heavenly:

So you may be wondering why we love the Hawkeyes so much? Well there is nothing quite like being in Kinnick Stadium on game day with thousands of your closest friends cheering on the Hawkeyes. 

And having a dreamy coach doesn't hurt:

So here's to a FANTASTIC football season. Last year was one hell of a ride; beating odds, having heart stopping game after game after game, making a pretty good run at the Rosebowl and having one of the longest winning streaks in the country when we were 9-0. This season proves to be just as promising with hardly any leaving seniors and an preseason AP ranking of 9th! 

Oh and you can bet your little hiney that Chikezie and I are making the road trip to Arizona on September 18th when the Hawks play there. And you can put money on it that I'm going to be sporting a sexy pair of these which I had my mom ship to me in Cali last year because I knew I'd be using them soon:

Sexy, eh?

And for all ya'll who love the Hawks as much as I do...spell it out with me now: 
(from one of the funnest/craziest games I've ever been to that still gives me goosebumps to watch)



  1. Just found your blog through Top Mommy. New follower.

  2. I'm from I know a lot of Hawkeye fans.'s been all the buzz on facebook this week about Iowa football kicking off! Fun post!

  3. football is a religion here. we've been looking forward to this weekend since the last season ended. hook 'em horns! :)

  4. Love this post! My story is so similar ... just substitute Auburn for Iowa :-). Thanks for sharing!