amazing little learners

Isn't it amazing to watch a child learn something?

I'm sitting here watching Julian for the past 10 minutes. He's on his tummy and he sees his paci about 5 inches from his stretched out grasp. He's trying everything he can think of to squirm his little body toward the paci but just ends up pushing himself backward or to the side. 

It's so cute to watch him try to figure it out. He's so smart! And he's mastered turning to get toys to the side of him, but just can't quite get things out of his reach and usually ends up going farther backward than forward lol. I eventually moved the toys closer and he just pushed the paci out of his grasp once again. 

I think he likes a little challenge. 
Trying so hard! 

And not to be left out, here is Isaiah last night while mama was cooking dinner. He likes to sit at the desk with daddy and do his work :) He really likes that mouse lol!


  1. So sweet, my friend! I'm blessed by the way you enjoy every moment. :o)

  2. So cute. Ruari only manages to push herself backwards. :)

  3. how cute! You better watch out with Isaiah he might turn into a computer savy toddler like Sae. She thinks she knows what she is doing!