how to piss off a mama of twins

So I walked to Target with the boys this morning because we needed formula. After almost 7 months I'm finally getting used to people stopping me (literally every outing is about 4-5 stops). I'm really tired of it but know it's inevitable with twins. So I deal. I really don't mind people oohing and aahing over the boys as they walk by but the stopping just really gets old. 


This was probably the worst trip anywhere I've ever had with the boys. I usually just brush it all off and I know that people usually don't have negative intentions but this crap gets to you after awhile. I really need to think of some smart-ass comments to say to these people on the spot (which I usually think of after the fact and wish I could have said)

Idiot Interaction #1: 

Woman, pregnant daughter (my age) and little girl in shopping cart. They ooh and ahh over the boys and then as they walk past the older woman looks back at me and slithers, "poor thing!". Wait..what? Am I bleeding somewhere? Do I look like I've contracted some life threatening illness? Why poor thing? I am not unfortunate for having twins. I am BLESSED. Some people aren't even lucky enough to have ONE baby, and I know exactly how blessed I am that we didn't even have to try and had two. I am not a poor thing. If anything, her daughter was the poor thing! She had a 2 year old in the cart and another on the way....SHE is going to be busy, much much busier than I will be. 

I wish I could have said that, instead I replied with, "No way. I am blessed..and this is the best job in the world!"

Idiot Interaction #2: 

I get about an isle away from the first stupid comment and another lady stops me. (I get this one a lot) 

"Aww cute twins, are they identical?" 
"Nope. Not identical, they just look a lot alike"
"Are you sure?? They look identical to me."
"Yep. I'm sure." 

And then she proceeded to argue with me for about 5 minutes. I know to YOU they look a lot alike but I'm their mama and I know who is who and they are clearly not identical. Just brothers who happen to look similar. Don't argue with me about it. 

Interaction #3:

At the check out line, with a cashier we've seen MANY times before, and who has commented about the boys many times before. A woman in line was talking about the boys and how cute they were and the cashier chimes in, "And one on the way!" 

Uh, I know I have some more weight to lose lady but I'm not pregnant. Thanks for calling me fat though! I could feel how bad the women around me felt after that comment because every woman knows the cardinal rule of womanhood: NEVER, under any circumstances comment on a woman's pregnancy status unless they have already confirmed with you that they are in fact, pregnant. 

So, I'm walking out of Target now, completely annoyed at the stupidity and rudeness I'd witnessed in the past 20 minutes when along comes the topping on the cake:

Interaction #4:

I'm not even making eye contact with people at this point in hopes nobody will stop me. A woman (with a stroller) belts out as she walks by, "WOW! You have your hands FULL. I'm surprised you even got out of the house!!" 

........*smacks head* *briefly has images of tripping aforementioned woman and laughing at her face dive into the pavement* *thinks "Wow, I'm surprised you even LEFT the house! Eeek! You're scaring my children!"* 

But instead, I just kept on walking.


some friends

I have a few friends I think you should meet:

Amy, Sam and cutie baby Parker. Cute blog, even cuter baby...cute cute cute.

Mommy to twins Elijah and Luke. Oh and this lady can cook. Us twin mamas have to stick together.

and then, she {snapped}
Baby Charlie has the sweetest smile and huge blue eyes. Oh and her other two kids look like models. LOVE.

Another mama who is obsessed with photo!

More twins. I absolutely love Sam and Ana, and they're only 6 days older than the Dudes! I've gotten lots of tips and tricks from reading her blog. Great for all you mamas of twins!

Katie is AWESOME. If you're looking for a mama with some real motivation to do some good, here she is. And Drake is a total stud (with a best friend puppy)!

Katie is also holding a giveaway for a $20 store credit for some cutie flower hair clips. GO ENTER..I'm like your only competition right now.

Oh, and go tell Jess Happy Birthday today! 
Wyatt is the man. And she takes some wicked photos.

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From The Desk of Julian

From the Desk of Julian:

Hey dudes! Julian here. My mama is busy doing something (I really don't know what she does all day) so I took her computer and decided write what we've been up to lately. Yeah, I can type. Can't your 6 month old? Amateurs. 

Isaiah been dealing with some major cases of bed hair. The longer it gets, the more wild it gets.Mama just lets it go. I think he looks pretty cool. He pulls off electrified-wind-blown look pretty well. 

I've started to develop a sense of style. I now fit into some of the cute outfits people bought us before we were born. Check out my polo and plaid shorts: (don't act like you're not impressed)

Mama totally wore out Isaiah the other night. He fell asleep on her back while she was doing dishes. However, I decided to stay awake for at least another hour. Sleep is for babies!

I love to eat. Just thought I'd throw that one in there. I just really like eating!

Isaiah thinks he's sneaky. Mama found him after nap time the other day trying to hide under some of Daddy's shorts that were on the side of his bed. I don't know about you, but I can still see him. Not sneaky at all. 

Oh, and speaking of hair styles, if my hair were any longer I'd totally be Justin Bieber with this comb over. Good thing my hair is short and curly-he looks dumb.

That's all for to play with, people to puke on. You know, the usual. 



Nothing much to say today. I feel drained for some reason. My head hurts, my eyes burn. I just feel so tired today and I don't have a good explanation as to why. 

I do know, I need to save up some energy for my 3 mile run tonight. I completed my 1st week of marathon training last week, went smoothly so now I'm ready to step it up. I have a calendar in my bathroom with each day's training, which is a good reminder to take this journey day by day. And on days like this, when I have no energy, running doesn't sound very appealing to me. 

So, I won't say much today but I will leave you with some baby love:


Nothing much to say today. I feel drained for some reason. My head hurts, my eyes burn. I just feel so tired today and I don't have a good explanation as to why. 

I do know, I need to save up some energy for my 3 mile run tonight. I completed my 1st week of marathon training last week, went smoothly so now I'm ready to step it up. I have a calendar in my bathroom with each day's training, which is a good reminder to take this journey day by day. And on days like this, when I have no energy, running doesn't sound very appealing to me. 

So, I won't say much today but I will leave you with some baby love:

Question tag!

I found out I was tagged over at Twenty Fingers & Twenty Toes with a list of questions to answer! 

And if you can't get enough of my double trouble boys, than you need to head over there for some cutie twin girl action! 

So, here are the questions and my answers:

1.) What is your favorite day of the week and why?
To be honest, I don't have a favorite. I do really like Friday though because it's the last day of the week and you know you have the whole weekend ahead of you :)

2.) Name one way you hope your child is like you and one way they are different from you?
I hope the boys get my sense of adventure and independence. I grew up on the farm pretty much on my own until Jr. High so my sense of adventure, vivid imagination and independence came from all that time on my own. How do I hope they're different? I hope they're better looking and a little less worrysome. :)

3.) If you could vacation anywhere where would it be??
I would travel everywhere! I'd love to go to Germany and Japan. I'd love to go to Spain and Greece. The list goes on and on. 

4.) What was your favorite splurge pre-baby?
Before I had the boys I would splurge on nice jeans. Only certain (and expensive) brands fit my body right. I have a curvy butt and smaller waist and (well, I DID) and jeans would be tighter on my butt and then be really loose around the waist if I didn't get the right brand. Right before I got pregnant I bought 2 nice pairs at Express and they fit PERFECT. I'm determined to fit back into them, dammit. 

5.) Who is your celebrity crush right now?
Who ISN'T my celebrity crush? Actually I'm in love with Boris Kodjoe (from the new show Undercovers on NBC). Me love him long time. Oh, and Dwayne Johnson (the Rock) mama loves. 

6.) If a babysitter magically showed up at your door and you had 10 minutes to change and get out the door ... where would you and your significant other go for a fun evening??
To be honest, we're kind of boring. We'd probably go to the movies and to dinner. Pretty lame and boring but he's been trying to get me to see Inception forever and we don't get out too much anymore. If we'd have something planned before we'd probably go to San Diego for something fun. 

7.) Do people ever question why you blog?
I think some people don't get it but I don't blog for those people :) I blog to keep a document of our lives as the boys grow. I blog because I like to write-and I've met some pretty cool mamas in the process.

8.) What color do you think looks best on YOU!!
Black is always slimming, I tent to have a lot of it. Plus you can wear it day or night. I also think I look good in a teal/aqua blue color and coral. :) 

Flashback Friday: Halloween

I love Halloween. I had some pretty good costumes growing up. A witch, a clown, a ghost one year when there was a huge snow storm on Halloween (not a good costume to wear among huge drifts of white snow), little red riding hood, Lois Lane, oh and one year I was a train conductor complete with huge train engine made out of a refrigerator box that strapped onto my shoulders. My parent's put lots of time into that costume!
My friends and I have had so much fun dressing up over the years. And of course in college of course you just add the word "sexy" before all of your costumes and that's what you are LOL. Well, my costumes were pretty tame compared to some of what I saw but we all had so much fun nonetheless. 

Here are some of my costumes over the years:

This was my Junior year. I was a cop, my friend Molly a nurse obviously. I was gross that day, I had a volleyball tournament all day long and didn't have time to do much so I just threw some fishnets under my spandex and wore them all night too! It was so hot and muggy out that night I knew I'd be sweaty anyways. 

 The next year I re-used my thigh high boot covers, spandex and fishnets and became a black cat. 
This was the first of 3 costumes in a 3 day Halloween-athon w/my bestie Christy, who happens to love Halloween just as much as I do. She was a tiger:

Here was night two:
Holy cleavage! Same shorts, spandex and I think that night I just had on pumps. Blonde wig and headband...I was a sexy secretary...or we called it a "sexretary" LOL. And Christy was a sexy cop with a matching blonde wig!

Night 3 was ACTUAL Halloween, so we got scary with it:
I was some kind of Dracula/witch with a sweet cape.

Christy was a scary devil lady:

After college my friend Molly (the nurse in the 1st pic) and I were tooth fairies:

And in 2008 we wore costumes to work, I was Sarah Palin:

And we went out that night for some Halloween fun:

And had time for another night out:
Molly was a Go-Go dancer, I was Obama Mama :)

I can't wait for the boys to understand Halloween and enjoy dressing up as much as I always did :)

What was your best costume?

coach mama

I grew up playing sports. I was never extremely motivated in school, I got good grades but was never challenged. I honestly can't remember studying at all in high school. I loved sports though. I was tall for my age and I was fairly strong. I could pick up and learn things easily. In Northwest Iowa, there aren't a lot of sports for girls to do through grade school. I played softball from 2nd-10th grades. Played basketball for a year in junior high and hated it. Ran track in junior high and a couple years of throwing shot in high school. 

By the time I got to high school I'd pretty much figured out what I liked the most and what I wanted to spend my time doing. Volleyball was my sport. I spent summers at numerous camps and after my freshman year just stopped going out for softball because I was spending so much time at camps in the summer. I did off season training in the winter/spring/summer and even a couple conditioning camps all for volleyball. 

I loved everything about volleyball. I liked conditioning days. I loved getting a good block on somebody, especially the girls that nobody could ever block. I loved jumping. I loved tricking people. I learned quickly that volleyball isn't just about the big girls up front that can hit everything. I loved hitting don't get me wrong, but I love the mind games of volleyball. i love making the other girl think you're going to slam it in her face and then tip it in front of her. I love hitting it repeatedly at the same girl that keeps screwing up just because I can. I love after I get blocked, they expect me to stop hitting but instead I just hit harder. I like the time spent waiting for a serve when I can stand at the net and just stare somebody down. That's the fun part of sports, to me, the mind games. 

Anyways. I miss coaching. I played club ball in college and ten coached my team my senior year. I coached freshman volleyball at a big Catholic high school after I graduated. It's SO much work. The hours are long. Coaches get paid crap. I had to deal with crazy parents who want equal playing time for their daughter who think she's the star even though she's not. The girls get attitudes. People cry. 

But there is nothing better than watching your team succeed. I'm not talking about wins. I'm talking about the girl whose been working on hitting down line for weeks and finally gets a huge hit and looks at you like she just won the lottery. There's nothing better than seeing someone accomplish something they thought they couldn't do. Seeing a team of random girls become friends, even if it's just on the court. 

I miss coaching. I don't have time right now that the dudes are little but I will start again once they get a little bigger. Every time I feel my life is missing a little something, I can always look back and find that coaching is usually where that void is. 

Now I'm all amped up-who wants to play?  

we've been busy

Life feels like it's just FLYING by right now. The boys are learning new things every day and I feel like I can hardly keep up!

We've been hit by the Similac recall, which caused a mini-situation yesterday when I had 2 hungry boys and no milk to feed them. We loaded up on baby food and took a nap so mama could figure out a backup. So, for now we're using the liquid concentrated version of Similac Advance, 1 bottle makes 8 8oz bottles for me...aka not quite 1 day's worth, for around $9.30 each. So expensive! I'm talking to the doctor today to see what we can switch to that won't cost our next born lol. 

Besides that little hiccup-we've got some major stuff going on around the E household. 

We outgrew our whale tub and aren't quite big enough to sit still in the big tub. We've tried the sink and there's too much slippin' and slidin'. So I bought this inflatable duck tub:

Why not test it out in the living room? Who needs water.

Another big update: We officially have two sitters!

and sometimes loungers:

AND, I don't have a picture because he won't keep his mouth open, but Isaiah's bottom right tooth is starting to break through the skin. Just a tiny, little bit, but it's so great to see something after all this fussiness!

Oh, and Julian is going to start crawling soon. This is what he does on the floor:
He gets mad and then gets up on his knees. He's gotten up on his hands a couple times and will rock back and forth out of anger. 

I am SO not ready for crawling babies with teeth. 

Arizona is hot.

This weekend we ditched the boys and road tripped to Tuscon to see the Hawks play U of A. 
What we saw of the state was just all dead and lame. Oh, and it was freaking HOT. I'm more of a non-scorching heat kind of person. Maybe Phoenix is better. But Tuscon blows chunks. 

Here's a little bit of of our first get away since the dudes arrived:

Sorry Arizona, your welcome sign does NOT make me feel very welcome. Time to invest in something a little more aesthetically appealing. 

(Pardon the dust) but this was pretty average for our whole trip. On the way home we actually saw it get up to 114. Why would anyone chose to live in that??

Pretty sunset as we arrived in Tuscon after a 7.5 hour drive through the desert wasteland.

However in the daylight, this is pretty much most of Tuscon. Dry. Dead. Boo.

The night before the game we were able to go out for a few drinks and kick back. Definitely needed a drink (or 3) after that drive.

The day of the game. We had a great time tailgating (inside of course) with hundreds of our closest Hawkeye friends.

Warm ups before the game. I didn't take any pics during the game because I was either pissed off or screaming and jumping up and down...and then just generally depressed at the end. 
(We lost and played like crap.)

Hawks ready to take the field. (My favorite part of the game pretty much LOL) 

Anyways, besides the crappy loss and the stupid desert, we had a good time! It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be to leave the boys at home. I think I just really needed a break. 
And they sure had good time with Grandma :


Even though we didn't win the photography contest  I still had a give away planned of one of my items from my Etsy shop.  So, through, the winner of free goodie from my store is # 16 comment:

Congrats Chelsea @ The Paper Mama

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Fitness Photo Challenge Winner

The reason I started doing these photo challenges was to provide something a little different and more of a challenge for all of us who love photography. 

Well, I can tell last week was definitely a challenge-there were only 6 entries! So because of that, I'm only picking one winner this week. 

So congrats to Christy @ Just Thinkin' in Pictures for this great interpretation of "Fitness"...Fitness is trying to ride your bike in the grass. 

Congrats Christy! This is too cute :)

Whoops! Photo Challenge Winners...FINALLY.

Ok, I've been WAY behind the past couple weeks. Well I turned on my station (acoustic station, if you're wondering), the boys are down for their morning nap and I'm determined to get back on track. 

I've been so behind on the WHOOPS challenge winners, if you can even remember doing that challenge, like, a year ago. So here's that:


Congrats to Patty @ Finding Serendipity  for this totally rad picture:

2nd place: Diana @ 4 Lettre Words - this picture looks like some kind of abstract painting!

3rd place: Shawntae @ A Little King and I hehe their puppy thinks he's people!

4th place: Ashley @ Ramblings & Photos - this picture reminds me of Back to the Future when Marty Mcfly starts to disappear from the picture!

5th Place: Sarah @ Loving My Life Because this photo just makes me giggle.

Great Job to everyone who entered! Thanks for putting up with my behinded-ness.