Yellow House Photo Challenge: Animal Kingdom

This week's photo challenge:Animal Kingdom

Well, I have lots of cute animal pics but I kind of like this one:

Portrait of a Goose.


  1. nice. Love the look he is giving you.... along with his friends all milling around in the back. Great capture and composition.


  2. Thanks! Oh man they're all over Iowa in the spring and they're not scared of anybody. This guy thought we were going to give him food so he just walked up to me and kind of posed haha!

  3. Hey new friend - I love the shot. It's as if the goose is saying "hey, take my picture." Looking forward to seeing more from you!

  4. Hi I love your challenges! I've been working on one of my own and just posted it-you should check it out :)

    I can't believe that goose just looked at me. I think he knew what I was doing. Smart little sucker hehe

  5. Beautiful goose, and glad you liked my Swan post. Really kind of you to pop over, have a look and leave a comment :-))