WOW Photo Challenge Winners!

This week's winner was picked by my sister-in-law, Answer, who picked the winner by the picture that literally made her say "Wow" out loud.

Here is her choice:

Congrats to Emily @ Just the 2 of us

This really is crazy! (And sad) I hope everyone was OK. 

But nonetheless- I must admit I said "Wow" when I saw this picture as well! So congrats Emily! 

Here are the rest of the top 5 and in no particular order:

These were ALL awesome entries for a difficult topic this week! Great job and thanks to everyone who took the CHALLENGE and entered :)

I had plans to give you guys buttons but...well, I suck and can't figure out the HTML problems to save my life. If anyone knows how to post HTML code (and the box for the code) directly on to a post without it converting please tell me so I don't send myself to the loony bin trying to figure it out.


  1. Thank you for the award! Sadly I do not know if the owners were ok, hopefully they evacuated...I have a lot of other WOW pictures from there

  2. Eboix totally deserved that win. Email me - I can help you with the code (well give you my code and you can change it).