Why I Blog...

I know sometimes people get caught up in the world of mommy blogs and baby blogs and followers and give aways and competitions and voting ...blah blah blah. I love my followers! I don't even really like that word. Friends makes more sense to me. People who like the same things I do, who like to read about my boring and sometimes hectic life. People who like the pictures I take. My family and friends.

I blog as an outlet to the outside world. With two babies, no car, no job and all my friends hundreds of miles away, I  blog for a connection. 

I blog to keep my family and friends, a thousand miles away, up to date on my ever changing children and this new journey my husband and I have embarked upon. 

I blog because damn it, I have stuff to say. I have opinions. I have things to say that don't have anything to do with being a mom. 

I blog because I love meeting new people. I love reading about how other people do things and to learn different perspectives on life in general. 

I don't take this as a quest for popularity or a place to make me feel better about myself. I ask for votes and participate in competitions not for popularity but for opportunity. Believe it or not, I don't want be a blogger my entire life. Believe it or not, I'd actually like a job someday doing something I love. Writing. Photography. Copy Writing. Editing. Fitness.(I'm working on that part) The more people that see my blog, the greater chance I have of finding something I love. 

Well, that's that. 

Why do you blog?


  1. I know exactly how you feel. I've been trying to get a blog going for a while. I've just now found the inspiration to actually do it. I still hang with my pre-Sage friends, but they are single and party hard and party as often as possible. I just can't do that anymore. I'm finding that blogging is a great outlet for me. As for challenges, they are the perfect way for me to have to pick a photo or group of photos and write about why I think they are special.

    I think you just inspired my next blog. Thanks.

  2. I completely agree. I blog for myself. I've found that being a "young mom" has left me with few friends, especially friends my age, since I am at a completely different life stage than everyone I went to high school and college with. I blog to update family and keep a (semi) permanent record of what our daily lives are like. Most of the time I am so exhausted that the days blur together and I can't remember details about the cute thing Eli did one day or the silly face Jude made another. I had my first blog in high school and the urls have changed and the focus has shifted but I think it's so funny to look back at those first few posts from 2002 and see how different I am now.

    I will admit, there is a kind of ego boost that comes from getting new followers or seeing my rank climb on the top mommy blogs but that's really all it is. It's nice to know that someone cares about what I have to say. Being a stay-at-home mom is a lonely job and it's nice to know that there are others out there. Plus, if it gets my name out for that day far in the future that I decide to go back to work then I won't object!

    Wow, this comment got really long really fast... :)

  3. I have to agree with your reasons.

    Personally, I would love to be cool & witty & make a fortune blogging, but the reality is all I have to offer are stories about what is going on in my life at the time. I started my 1st blog in 2004 (which was private) to keep family & friends updated on our life... more of an online scrapbook. I just recently changed my url (for privacy) & "went public" in hopes of connecting with other military wives, mothers etc. that are in the same boat that I am.

  4. I blog for the same reasons you do. I have strong opinions on a lot of subjects, and for me blogging is therapy. Lately my blogs have been all "nice & fluffy" but soon something will happen in my crazy life and you will see the bitchy opinionated side of me lol

  5. I blog for many of the same reasons as well. It's so easy to get caught up in the other stuff, but the blogs I love the most are those who stay true to themselves.

  6. I agree! You know, being at home with the baby can feel secluded at times. I love every minute of it but blogging is a great way to share with friends and family who are so far away and also to meet new people like yourself. It is a great place to see some wonderful photos too! Blogging also keeps me writing, taking photos, creating... and I have fun doing it. I also enjoy reading and yours is great, thanks!

  7. I blog for many of the same reasons that you do. It is a really great way for me to document this time of my life and my families lives. I hope that some day my boys will read some of my posts and see how much love I had for them and get to know another part of who I was while they were growing up. I try to stay true to myself in my blog, although I think it would be fun to host a giveaway, I am really here (blogging) to have fun. When it is no longer fun, I won't do it anymore.


  8. I blog just to get my thoughts and opinions out there. I really don't care if I'm politically corret or not. I just wish I had more followers..ha ha ha I love reading your stuff, I'm right there with you..I don't get out much because I work from home..

  9. Blogging is something I can do while I'm nursing my twins. Mostly though, I blog to connect with people. I'm a stay at home mom to twin girls, and I don't get out much, so I connect with people through the blogging world--friends and family as well as new people with whom I share something in common. I also just love to write--it's like a blank canvas for the artist--I can say whatever I want and throw it into the "blogosphere" and see what kind of a reaction it gets, if any. And if it doesn't get a reaction, well, it was good for me whether it was for anyone else or not :)

  10. I agree with lots of the reasons you posted about!

    I LOVE being able to go back and read about waht Drake was doing at this time last year.

    Blogging has also opened some doors for me that otherwise would not have happened. I just hope those doors keep opening so I can really do what I love all the time (write) and get paid for it!:)