So yeah

I took Julian to the doctor's office today so we can solve his diarrhea problem. We've switched to soy formula because they thought he was lactose intolerant. Nothing. Still poops like 4 times a day. Poor little guy. He's not acting any different, not extra fussy, no fever, everything else is fine. So yeah, they don't know why he's having so many bowel problems and so now I get to do the fun stuff... stool samples!!! YAAAY! 

They weighed him while we were there and he's up to 16lb 15oz! Holy crap-when we went to their appointment right before 4 months he was 14lb 9oz or something like that. What a chunker. And Isaiah is bigger so I'm guessing he's at least in the 17's. Two little chubbs.

And with all that weight-I had about 900 people comment on how impressed they were that I could carry both car seats at the same time. Yeah, I'm buff. I know. Actually, they're stinkin' heavy and it's pretty difficult to carry both but I'm not leaving anyone in the parking lot so I figure it out! 

Anyways...that's where we are with all of that. I still feel crappy. I think we all three might go take a nap now. 

Both boys are just screaming to hear their own voice right now. Mama MAY go crazy today. 


  1. Aww I hope the problem gets resolved asap! But he is a little chucker! how much does his brither weigh?

  2. I hope y'all start feeling better! Love the last line ... so true!

  3. poor kid... POOR YOU! not fun. i really hope it gets straightened out though. :(

  4. The doc said he's working on some teeth so maybe that's causing it. I don't know. About the stool samples-I'm really not sure the logistics of it or how much they're going to need. The diaper literally soaks it up so I don't know how much I'm going to be able to get.

    Ugh just thinking about how much it stinks makes me gag LOL.

    And I'm not sure how much Isaiah weighs. He was 15lb 10oz at their almost 4 mo. appointment and he's bigger than Julian. I'm guessing he's in the 17's now. Huge!