Prunes 1. Mama 0.

Yesterday I learned a very, very important lesson in parenthood.

Never, ever. I mean NEVER, give Isaiah prunes. Ever, ever again.

I thought maybe he was so grunty and growly because he couldn't poop (it had been a few days).

So I gave the boys prunes, intending to split a jar between the two.

However, Julian was mad and didn't want to eat. So Isaiah got the majority of the jar.

This is the carnage that ensued:

(Warning! Turn away if you can't handle poop!)

Isaiah was fussy so I picked up up out of the exersaucer and discovered this:

And then felt something wet on my arm...

And then discovered this:

So I put him on the floor in the bathroom and tried to figure out how to get his clothes off without getting poop on everything:

But my efforts were in vain. While taking the onesie off, I smeared poop on his arm and shoulder. He kept turning his head sideways and eventually poop was on his face and all over the floor. There was way too much to clean up with wipes so I turned on the faucet in the tub and put the poopy naked boy in the tub. 

To get the poop off of him completely I just laid him on his tummy in the middle of the tub (there wasn't any water in there) and washed him off with the running water and a rag. He was scared of being in the tub by himself and was crying. 

Meanwhile I could hear Julian, who had just woken up from a nap, crying in the other room. But he just had to be patient.

I got Isaiah clean as fast as I could. And I learned my lesson. NEVER. NEVER. NEVER prunes ever, ever again. 

Prunes 1. 

Mama 0. 


  1. yeah, we learned the hard way that one prune is PLENTY. : )

  2. I probably could have told you that prunes would be a bad idea...they always are.

  3. The thing is..we've done prunes before and NOT had that outcome. That's why I was so surprised. And Isaiah hadn't pooped for a few days and he had a little that morning and it was like...solid and not very much. So I figured he really needed to go and that's what all the grunting was about. I should have paid attention to the fact that Julian wasn't eating ANY and Isaiah had most of the jar along with his oatmeal. Whoops!

  4. I can't even tell you how many times this happened to me with my boys. So lovely. Nothing better than a blowout all over your kid. :)

  5. i've been through this too. but i still give him prunes... just mixed with something else, and never the whole jar. that way he stays regular but not insane blow out.

  6. I've learned that sometimes, you just sacrifice the onsie and get the scissors.

  7. Explosive diapers are the worst. My kids only got prunes when they... um... needed them!

  8. We learnt the same lesson the hard way too!

  9. Want to know something soo sick? My kid loves prunes!! Ew and hates any other fruit I wouldn't even consider a prune a fruit because its just nasty!

  10. Oh boy! Have you seen my post about how prunes kicked my ass?

  11. Lacey LOLOL! The funny thing is I JUST read that post the other day. I should have listened!