August 9, 2010

Paper Mama Photo Challenge: Water

Well, we've only been swimming once, so nothing too exciting there. However, we went to the ocean again today and it reminded me to look through my old pictures of ocean outings and found this:

Daddy pushing the 2 month old boys along the coast in San Clemente, CA. Our favorite beach.
We walked this path a few times while I was pregnant - probably a mile walk from where we park to the pier and back. So taking the boys along this path was kind of a "rite of passage" for them, as it was their first time not in mama's tummy at the ocean :) They slept the whole time.

Oh, and my pic from last week's challenge, best buddies.... 4th place! Woot Woot! (How could you resist THESE best buddies?)

The Paper Mama


  1. Both are adorable shots - I really love that first shot. It's pretty great!

  2. I agree the first one is my favorite as well!

  3. Love the ocean. So pretty!

    Your boys are adorable.

  4. Beautiful shots!!!! Congrats on 4th place!!!!! Fantastic!

  5. Walking along that beach is so relaxing. There's a huge cliff on the left side and you can hear the echo of the waves crashing as you walk along the ocean. :) Makes me happy.

  6. Ooooh, I miss beaches like that! And train tracks! And perfect temperatures for walking outside! Cute pictures!

  7. Allie-the weather here this summer has been amazing. Not hot enough to break a sweat but the sun is warm and perfect. I love it!

  8. You are soo lucky! Such a beautiful shot.


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