It looked so beautiful today I wanted to go for a walk/run with the stroller. This was my first time jogging with the stroller. I know they say you're supposed to wait until 6 months but I watched their heads to make sure it wasn't too jerky for them. They weren't shaking any more than they do when we are walking.

So I turned on my ipod, stuck it in the cup holder and took off. I walked a song, jogged a song, walked a song, etc. 
Here's my stats according to my Nike+:

Distance: 5.17 miles
Time: 1:24:19 (1 mile to the path I run on requires a few stop lights which takes longer)
Pace: 16:18/mile
Calories: 690

Sweet! That's a lot of calories! I wonder how many more I burned for the big hills I went up and having the stroller to push. My goal was to do 90 min, I did pretty good. We got 39 min away from home and the boys were kind of squirmy. I got nervous so I decided to head back. The dudes do so great in the stroller. They love watching everything passing and eventually fall asleep. 


What are you doing to get your butt in shape??


  1. Wow! You go girl! Zumba is our go to here at the house and the Munchkins workout with me as well. So much fun and funny ~ working and laughing my by bum off ~ great workout ;p

  2. I've heard of Zumba and really wanted to try it!

  3. I go walking in the morning and the evening just around the park next to our house really really fast!