new pics!

I finally got the camera out of the car so I have a couple of pictures from our weekend!

We went to the San Clemente Fiesta Street Festival. Basically, it's a bajillion people walking around on one of San Clemente's main streets eating all different kinds of foods, listening to sucky local bands and a large portion of people get wastey faced. 

Let me tell you, if you get annoyed being around random drunk people when you're sober, it's even worse when you have kids. Some idiot was smoking and walked by the stroller and was like "Oh babies! No smoking!" And then kept waving his cigarette around the stroller. I shooed him away and called him an idiot. People are dumb! And smoking is seriously the most disgusting habit. I'm sorry but if you smoke, you need to knock it off. It's nasty. But I digress.

Other than that one little incident, and the REALLY bad band, it was a good time!

Here are some pics:

If you look down the street you can see the thousands of people off in the distance. AND if you look really close, you can see the ocean at the end of the road.

Had to get a family pic :) The boys were little angels the whole afternoon.

Isaiah was cheesin as usual.

An accurate representation of the dudes...

Mama & Baby J. 

This makes me happy. I was also trying not to flash the whole world as Julian thought it necessary to keep pulling my sank top straps off. Everything is a toy!

We are so lucky we're blessed with such well behaved little dudes. They were amazing and make outings a lot more fun with their chill personalities. 


  1. I love the last one of you and one of your little men! BTW your tats are f'in rockin!

  2. Looks like an awesome time! Great shots.

  3. Fun! Love the tattoo pics. I have several, myself. (And, I totally agree about the smoking!)

  4. you have such a beautiful family, fo realz.

  5. Aw thanks guys :)

    And about the tattoos-I'm hopefully getting more in the future. (Chikezie just rolls his eyes lol)

  6. I LOVE the 2nd picture because I thought for a sec Chikezie had a grass hat on! I had to look again, lol!

  7. Great photos and you have a beautiful family! I thoght for a second that your husband was channeling his inner Chiapet.


  8. LOL I never noticed the green hair! That's so funny!