New Blog Alert!!

Ok, so I may be partial but my best friend Christy is HILARIOUS. Oh, and her boyfriend Bob is, too. 

And what's even better than a hilarious best friend and her boyfriend?

They have hilarious pets. Stella the cat and Jack the Corgi. Typical Garfield and Odie relationship. Classic!

Anywho-why am I telling you all of this amazingly awesome information?

Because it's about to get awesomer.

Christy and Bob have started a blog.

I repeat. Christy and Bob. Have started. A blog.

Oh, you want to check it out you say? How very nice of you.

Then click the pic!


And show them some love! (FOLLOW THEM OR ELSE.)

And check out their sweet banner y button. Made by none other than yours truly. *Hold applause* 

Oh and while I'm being bossy:

Let's start moving up in the ranks. VOTE! :)

Click Here!


  1. YESSS! Thank you sooo much for the annoucement Mama, and the banner AND the button! You're our very own Blog Hero/Mentor/Favorite Person ever!
    We're even starting to pick up some more followers. Thanks to all you Mama and the Dudes readers for checking us out!