never boring at the E house

I really have the most entertaining 5 month old boys. 
Here are some recent happenings by the dudes:

  • Isaiah has been making a really low, growly noise all day. He'll put something in his mouth and growl. It's kind of creeping me out.
  • He's sitting in the bouncy seat right now swinging so hard the toys are flying up backward over the bar. I think he's practicing his spiking skills for volleyball.
  • While sitting in the bouncy seat he stretches his legs out straight...and his little feet hang over the edge of the bouncy chair. Sad :( He's almost too big!
  • He's gotten so good at grabbing his toes. When I lay him in bed and cover him with the blanket, he grabs his feet and rolls to his side...and falls asleep holding them lol.
  • Is SO close to sitting on his own. Will sit on his own on my lap for minutes at a time, but I think I'm helping balance him so it doesn't count until he does it on the floor alone.
Oh and this is his new favorite toy:
Super strength! He pulls so hard that toy will break off and fly across the room. He only likes sucking on that bar. All the other toys he could care less about.

  • Julian is still screeching and squawking but now he does it with his tongue out. He looks ridiculous.
  • He's learned how to take his paci out of his mouth and play with it. The problem is, he can never quite get it back in the same place. And then proceeds to squawk until I help him.
  • Has no interest in sitting up but seriously rolls everywhere. He's rolling in complete 360's now, all over the room.
  • When he rolls off the carpet on to the hardwood floor, sometimes he'll bonk his head kind of hard. He'll just stare at the ceiling for a second, surprised at how hard the floor is. Then he'll go back to playing. (Unless I'm watching, then he'll cry.)
  • I can't put him on his play mat anymore because he won't lay on his back long enough to play with the toys above him. He rolls around underneath and then gets stuck in awkward positions and gets mad.
This is pretty much the only way he's happy, awake or asleep:
One of these days he's going to figure out how to move to that book. Then we're in trouble. 


  1. cherish these moments that they're just cute little blobs on the floor. seriously.

  2. Aw I know-they're growing too fast. Makes me sad!