Big Week

Ok troops. The next 10 days are going to be intense.

You see, I need your help.

Kerri McConnell of Kerri McConnell Photography decided to be amazingly thoughtful and giving and has hosted a "Pay It Forward" contest.

She's offering FREE wedding photography to one of 6 lucky couples. 

Chikezie and I are finalists!!

I'm so excited. But we haven't won anything, yet. The winners are decided on votes. And if there is ONE time I need your help. Now is the time.

Voting starts today and goes until September 2. You can vote once per person so it will really only require you one stop to the website and one comment.

And I have a little present for you guys to promote my upcoming Etsy shop: 
(Please leave a separate comment here for each of the things you do)

1. Become a follower of  Mama & The Dudes
2. Like Mama & The Dudes Facebook
3. Follow @MamaMandolin on Twitter
4. Tweet about voting for us for the contest.
5. Vote for us on Top Baby Blogs.
6. Write a blog post encouraging others to vote for us. (Counts as 2 entries)

I'll be giving away one of my flowers (as a hair clip/magnet/brooch) to a winner after this voting period is over. AND, if we win the photography give away, I have something a little bigger to give! 

So PLEASE do what you can to help us and at the very least, go to Kerri's site and read our story. If you don't know Chikezie and I, you might not know everything we've been through in the past year that I feel makes us so deserving of this awesome gift. 

Thanks in advance for everything:) Wish us luck!


  1. i voted for you! if anyone knows how hard it is to be surprised by twins and change your whole life, it's me! i hope you win! :)

  2. i also voted for you on top baby blogs. :)

  3. wedding pictures are the most important part of a wedding. well, except all that i do, lovey lovey stuff. i would have voted for you even if you werent giving anything away, but oh how i would love one of those cute little hair clips!!!

  4. Just voted. No need to enter me into the contest...just wanted to support you! Best of luck! :)

  5. I follow you on Twitter.

    AND, I tweeted. @thepapermama

  6. Oh, and I voted for you on Top baby blogs.

  7. I voted for you, I'm a follower, I like you on FB, Dang it I don't have Twitter! Ummm I'm voting you on the top baby blogs. And I haven't done the post, but I think all my additional followers are also your followers haha!

    Gimme some pretty hair clips! I ain't growing my hair out for nothing!

  8. I voted for you! I really hope you win!

  9. Gosh I hope you guys win! Of course I voted for you! Good Luck!

  10. I follow your blog (and your super cute little dudes!!!)

  11. I voted for you--great story. I hope you win!

  12. I like Mama & The Dudes on Facebook.