my thoughts at 7:19 am

It's 7:19 AM.

Julian is in the bedroom sqwaking in his crib. Isaiah, asleep in our bed. Chikezie, in the shower. 

Mama's eating her oatmeal, waiting for the coffee to hurry up and brew, charging her ipod, getting her circuit work out planned and getting herself psyched up for the gym.

That's right. I'm sore. The 2nd day after is the hardest so I'm not looking forward to tomorrow. 

Let's hope I make it through the next hour alive and with all of my limbs in tact. 

If you want to know what's kicking my ass-look no farther than this:

Jillian Michael's Hot Bod in a Box.
Seriously people. You don't lose weight doing crazy stupid diets, taking dumb ass pills or starving yourself. 
You might lose lbs but you still have no muscle. You NEED resistance training. Whether you lift weights, or do circuits like this, you need to do it.  

I've done body fat tests on girls who were trim and thin and looked great. They'd do the tests in front of their friends like they had nothing to hide because hey, they were skinny and that means they don't have much fat. WRONG! They were thoroughly surprised and a little embarrassed when their body fat average came out well over the 30 % mark. They didn't work out. Thought they were home free.

You need to train your muscles. Give them a work out. Make them stronger to protect your joints and bones. And work the most important muscle in your body, your heart. 

Losing weight is the easy part. You can go have a number of different surgeries to lose tons of pounds.
 Getting FIT, well, there's a challenge.

Stop reading! Get your hiney to the gym!


  1. I'm always sore exactly 24 hours later. It's so weird...but, at least it's predictable!