Mama Heart's Photo Challenge Week 4: Whoops!

Um, OMG. I suck. I literally was under the impression that today was Wednesday. For pretty much this whole day.
*smacks head*
So, this week's challenge will be a day shorter.
*crowd throws veggies at my face*

Mama Heart's Photo Challenge Week 4 theme: Whoops!
We've all done it. Taken a picture on accident or our camera was doing something funny and the picture turned out completely not like what we planned. But then you go back and look at that picture and think it looks kind of cool?

We've all had a "Whoops!" moment and have tons of pictures that haven't seen the light of day. Now it's time to bust them out!

Here are my whoops photos:

 I didn't do any editing to this photo, I was trying to take a picture of our cat Pocket and I and my flash did something funky! 

So I took another picture to see if this would happen again...
It did it again!

But then that was it, everything went back to normal. Weird!

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  1. I have the perfect photo. That does look pretty cool though...I wonder what was going on.

  2. Yeah I have NO idea. It never did that again either!

  3. my first time joining you... visiting from ashley's site.