In OTHER other news...

Good job, California!

A judge ruled that the ban against gay marriage here in California was unconstitutional. That doesn't mean gay people can get married here yet but that they're one step closer. 

I come from Iowa, and if you didn't know, we allow gay marriages there too. What! What!

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming...


  1. That ban was total crap! We shouldn't get to decide what other people do with their lives. I'm from AZ (you can boycott if you want) and last general election they passed a thing making gay marriage EXTRA unconstitutional. So dumb! Too many republicans here!

  2. LOL it's because all the old people go there to retire! Oh and I'm not too excited about the whole immigration drama going on there. I think there's better ways of catching illegal immigrants than asking people based on their looks if you can see their papers!