In other news...

  • I called the doctor and hopefully we've solved Julian's mysterious "plumbing" issues. And as a result, his poor little bottom is so red. We're going to take a field trip to the mall (hubby takes the car so we walk everywhere) to get Julian some sensitive formula. 
  • Speaking of Julian, he's staring at the TV right now, enthralled with the Today Show's "Money 911". He's learning important tips about refinance and investments. Don't judge.
  • Isaiah has found his toes. I've been waiting for him to grab them, he's been bringing them up toward his hands but not grabbing them until yesterday. It's too cute. I remember my little brothers playing with their feet when they were babies. It's probably one of my favorite things babies do, next to blow out diapers that is. 
  • Just kidding. With Julian's issues...we've had a lot of blow out diapers lately. I'm over it.
  • Grabbing your toes is actually a yoga pose called "Happy Baby". Can you believe that's a challenge for us and when we were babies it was fun? For some reason I think it has a little to do with leg length and pure awkwardness of how it looks when we do it:

Lady: Awkward. Baby: cute.
  • Isaiah has taken a new interest in grabbing anything near his face including my face and his bottles. He has taken it upon himself to knock the bottle out of my hands, claw at it, palm it from the bottom, etc. Pretty much anything to make eating last as long as possible and with getting as much milk on himself as he can. Good job, boy.
  • I decided to get crafty and make a bunch of finger puppets. Well, my first one turned out a little, how should I say this, "special". Can you tell what animal this is?

If you're laughing hysterically, get excited. There are more furry friends to come. And probably just as "special" as this little guy.

Oh, and check out my sweet wrinkley hands. No, I'm not 80. I just have grandma hands. 

Now look at this:

It's not a post without a picture of two dudes.


  1. i love twins that dress alike!

    and is it a monkey? whatever it is, it's cute. i think it's pretty awesome actually.


  3. at first i thought it was a lion, but i could see monkey. :)

    and if my boys absorbed anything they learned from watching tv in the first year, then they'll be great political pundits, pediatricians, or wedding planners. hehehe.


  4. I LOVE the finger puppet! I think it's WAY cute! I was so happy once Ruari found her toes!

  5. LOVE your finger puppet! I think he is super cute. And your dudes are adorable! Cheeeeks!
    <3MaryAnne aka new follower! :)

  6. You crack me up, your posts always make me smile! I like the little finger puppet, a lot actually. The fact that it's not all perfect makes it really adorable. Like the velveteen rabbit, you know?

  7. Yes it's a monkey!! I have more friends coming so stay tuned lol!

  8. That is hilarious about the yoga pose. I got a good chuckle out of it. ....I think your finger puppet is totally adorable. I'm really enjoying your blog.

    I your latest follower.