I think I have a problem...

I have all this felt that is just burning a hole on my shelf. 

So today I just made something up...
I don't know what to, I just can't stop making stuff. 

I made a flower headband even though these things never stay on my head.

And you know those extra buttons you get when you buy a sweater or pants? Well I have about 8000 that I'll never use or even remember what they go to...so I put this one to use. 

I seriously have a problem...


  1. That headband is way cute! Even if you don't wear them somebody else probably does. I love to put those type of headbands on my one year old! You are very creative!

  2. Next time you have this problem, send it to me. :)

  3. I do kind of like these although I might start putting them on hard head bands or those bigger bands if I want to start making them for little girls. I need to find a store with a bigger variety of felt. Michael's just didn't cut it.