Holy #$^@!

Women who don't have stretch marks, have flat tummies weeks after having kids, lose all their pregnancy weight days after walking out of the hospital, can work out through their entire pregnancy, gained less than 30lbs, carried and pushed out just one baby need to get a load of these:


I was a house. And this was weeks before the dudes arrived.

No wonder I couldn't breathe, walk, sit, stand, lay, or move in general. 

I gained 50 lbs. I have big stretch marks all over my tummy and sides. I have saggy skin and fat still on my tummy. I still have ab separation because of how much my tummy was stretched. I endured back aches, lung pains and leg cramps for the majority of my pregnancy. By the end of my pregnancy I could hardly move from a laying position to a sitting position. I peed every hour through the night and day for a good two months. One pair of pants fit me and not a single shirt, mine or my husbands would fit over my entire belly by the end. 

I carried and grew two babies to 36 weeks. I gave birth via c-section to two perfect and healthy babies. 

My body has been through one of the most brutal wars in the past year.

But dammit, 

Good job, body! 



  1. my skin started to itch just looking at these pictures. you deserve a medal. seriously.

  2. Lol my belly would just get so itchy sometimes I couldn't even itch it enough if that makes sense. I'd just have to lay there rubbing lotion on it knowing it itched like crazy but wouldn't be able to stop it at all! Man I don't miss that!

  3. even though you felt so big in the moment don't you just wonder looking at them now how they actually fit in there. they grow so fast! your little dudes are just too cute.

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  4. Sad to say, I looked about like that with ONE.

  5. i second everything. i mean, i knew i was big but looking at the pictures of the day i delivered i just say, "OMG, how did i MOVE?" because it's ridiculous. and i only made it to 34 weeks! i gained 70 lbs and took about 30 of it off pretty quickly but now am stuck. granted, i'm not trying too hard because chasing two toddlers around is exhausting. : )


  6. Thanks for sharing, I know how rough a c-section can make losing the weight. Everytime I get upset about losing my prebaby body. I look at my son I remember it's all worth it. Also that's what I get for waiting till my late 30's to have children.

  7. Yeah at the time I knew I was big but didn't know I was THAT big. I was constantly wondering how I'd make it another week because it literally felt like my tummy was going to just rip open. I was wondering how they even fit in there and how all my other organs still functioned enough to keep us all three alive and well! It's amazing!

    I didn't really start to gain a lot of weight until the end, since I've come home from the hospital I've lost like 30lbs but am determined to get the last 20 off. I'm not even caring about the lbs actually, I'm just a little ticked I bought some kick ass/perfect fitting jeans only a month before I got pregnant. They were expensive so I'm GOING to fit back into them! I don't care what I weigh as long as they fit!

  8. Rhonda-are you shorter or did you just have a giant baby? Shorter women tend to have bellies that look bigger. I'm 5'9" which kind of puts the hugeness of the belly in perspective!

  9. I too gained fifty pounds my first pregnancy, but I only had one baby at a time. I still have muscle separation years later as well.

    You look great and your babies are adorable.

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  10. I hated my stretchmarks. But like you I grew one healthy and happy baby!

  11. Thank you so much for posting these pictures!!! My baby boy is 16 months old now and I still have a flabby tummy full of stretch marks. All of my friends had dream pregnancies and births, lst all of their baby weight in a day and had babies that never cried.

    I, on the other hand, stopped working at 26 weeks due to chronic back pain and hyperemesis (vomiting 4-5 times a day). I gained 30lbs and also had a C-Section. It wasn't easy but my gorgeous little Finn was totally worth it.

    I am totally high-5'ing you girl!!!

    Louise xx

  12. High Five, indeed! I have heard of lots of women gaining 50, 75, 100+ lbs with just ONE baby. & those pictures are just beautiful (but they did make my belly itch...) Good job, Momma!

  13. Louise-I did luck out and have a couple of pretty mellow boys which makes having twins a little easier! But I think every woman...no matter what her size will always look different after having babies.

    And what's most interesting is that some of the women I see who've had babies who end up with flat tummies and no problems, are actually the ones who are most self conscious about their bodies!