Here we go!

So I've been waiting to announce this because I wanted to check with my doctor first. I also needed to make sure Chikezie was OK with this decision and that I, myself was ready. 

I'm going to run the L.A. Marathon. That's right. A marathon. March 20, 2011...216 days away.

After my first 8K.

Have I ever ran a marathon before? Nope. Do I know what I'm getting myself into? Maybe.

Why would anyone ever chose to move 26 miles at one time? I think I'll figure that out over the next few months.

I've wanted to run a marathon ever since I was in high school. I'm not a runner. I don't have a runner's build. I don't really even particularly LIKE running. I do like the feeling I get though after I get about 45 minutes into it though. I do like the feeling I get after I've run. I like the feeling I get after I've competed in even the 5K and 8K races I've participated in. 

My friend Rachel and I after the Dam 2 Dam 5K last year. It was hot out!

I'm expecting this to be a personal journey. One where I can learn a lot about myself and what I'm capable of mentally and physically.  I plan on losing some of this excess baby baggage and challenging my body. 

I'm so excited to get started on this journey. I've already started amping up my fitness routine in effort to get some more muscle strength and ramp up my conditioning before I officially start my running plan on September 18. 

Oh, and I'm going to be running for Team Livestrong. I've promised to raise $1000 for the Livestrong foundation to run in the race. So, you bet your little hiney I'm going to be bugging you all about donating over the next few months. If I'm running this far, I'm going to do it for a good cause.  My personal fundraising page isn't up and running yet (says my Livestrong contact) but I'll let you guys know when it's up. I know you're all dying to help :) 

Running my first 5K less than 3 mos after the boys were born!

So anyways. Here we go! If you are a runner or know anybody who's run a marathon or know any tips and tricks send them my way. Or at the very least, follow me on this journey and cheer for me along the way. I know I'm going to need all the support I can get. 


  1. Thanks! I'm nervous but excited to get this going!

  2. wow! good for you. good luck in your training!

  3. Good on you! I reckon if you can get through a year with twins you can handle yourself in a marathon! Enjoy! I'm doing my first 9K run on Sept 19th. I am scared and delighted all in one.