Halloween in August

So this lady who had twin boys gave us these Halloween costumes. 

Turns out we're going to outgrow them by Halloween....

So we had a little Halloween in August!

I couldn't chose because these are all so hilarious/stinking cute:
(Warning!! You may pass out from cuteness overload)

Classic hand on the shoulder pose.

Hmm...I wonder how much trouble we can get away with.

Isaiah's new thing-duck face.


My sweet little dudes with the sweet little curls.

We can't wait for REAL Halloween!!!


  1. Ahhh! You know how people warn their readers of posts that have a lot of pictures by saying "photo heavy"? This one totally should have warned us with a "cute heavy". Seriously adorable, omg.

    I want to go get Henry like a dozen costumes now.

  2. Or a "you may pass out from cuteness" warning. I'm like...obsessed.

  3. i died.

    i know that you have twins, but in previous posts i could always tell the difference between them. but i'm starting to not be able to tell as easily. they're looking more and more alike.

  4. Adorable! I would have Halloween in every month until they outgrow these little cuties. x

  5. Jess-You know, everyone is saying that and I'm beginning to notice in some pictures I have to do a double take to see who is who. Uh oh!

  6. love the costumes! last year eli and jude were yoda and darth vader. travis and i were jedis. we're thinking maybe mario characters this year. :)


  7. OMG Yoda and Darth Vader is PERFECT! Mario and Luigi sounds PERFECT.. I may steal that idea.

  8. they were so adorable! it was the nerdiest, cutest halloween ever. if i did it again though, i'd probably figure out something other than darth vader for jude because the helmet kept falling off. the yoda ears, however, stayed on all night. here's a couple pictures: the family and the nerdy babies.

  9. I love this post! How adorable!

  10. I love your babies!

    No...like really. I love them :-)