Good Morning from the Dudes!

Good Morning from the Dudes!

I love how Julian pretty much just lays there playing with his toes. 

And Isaiah is grabbing everything he can, eating his hands, sucking on everything, babbling. 

Two babies born back to back. Two completely different personalities. 

Everyone is starting to think they're identical. But I can still see differences. Maybe that's because I'm their mama. What do you guys think?

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Happy last day of August!


  1. I see some differences but they do look a lot alike!! You are so lucky you have twins that has to be so much fun :)

  2. So cute. I see a few differences, but so much alike! Our twin girls have SUCH different personalities too. As you said...born at the same time, yet so different. Our girls are fraternal, but looking their early pics they resembled each much more than they do now. Good luck on the photog!

  3. i can see the differences too, but they are very similar. i thought the same about my own twins - close looking but not close enough to be identical - but the family wouldn't let it rest until we got the test. lo and behold, they actually ARE identical! it didn't really change anything to know for sure except i do feel like i make a bigger deal about their differences and individuality than before. i guess just knowing that they share their genetic makeup made pointing out their little (and big) differences that much more important.


  4. I thought they were identical twins from the first time I visited your blog ~ I'd say they most definitely are. There are just not enough differences (in their looks that is), although clearly they are different people :)