Flashback Friday: friends on the farm

Ya'll know I grew up on a farm. Well, basically. I lived there from 1st-8th grade. That's most of your childhood. And before that, my grandparents lived there so I was there a lot. Glad we clarified that. 

I was probably 3 when this picture was taken, so not yet living on the farm. I was the only grandchild at that point and got to do pretty much whatever I wanted at grandma's. Including bugging grandpa and uncles while they did chores. 

I desperately wanted a pet pig. Even when we moved out there and I saw hundreds of baby pigs grow and then leave our farm, I always wanted to keep just one. 

I love this picture. I love my little squatting position with my hand on my knee. I love my dirty white shoes, ice cream cone shorts and messy sun streaked mullet. 

I love in the top of the picture you can see a pig smelling Dutchess's butt. LOL She was the same size as those pigs. (Yes, my grandma's dog's names were Lugar and Dutchess. Or Lugie and Dutchie for short.) 

I miss Dutchess. She stayed on the farm with us when we moved there and she was best friends with Woofey, the dog we got when we moved. She had spunk for a little dog, always nipping at the heels of the delivery men who probably hated stopping at our house. She was perfect size for a little girl, the same size as those baby pigs!

I love this picture, too. I love how I'm trying to control her, probably trying to get her to look at the camera and say cheese. I love my little belly hanging over the red pants. I love that I'm sitting on a newspaper that has the "Where's the beef" ad on it. 

It's such a good feeling, looking back. 


  1. Great pictures - I didn't know you lived on a farm but now I know...and that's pretty cool. A much similar life I'm sure.

  2. So cute! Ha ha, where's the beef. I've been so busy and I'm trying to get my foot photo ready for your challenge! HOPEFULLY I'll get it today.