Dear Everyone:

hardy har har. get it? I'm pointing to my eye? But I really mean "I"? I'm SO funny.

So I opened an email account linked to the blog.

I thought I forwarded everything from that address to my personal email account through gmail.

Turns out I'M AN IDIOT and did not.

So, I apologize to everyone who  has sent me emails over the past few months and I never responded.

I'm really not a huge beeotch. I'm just a moron. 

My goal is to reply to all of you by tomorrow. 

Please feel free to harass me as much as you like, throw your shoe at me or just boo me in general.

I know I have it coming.


The "Special" Mama


  1. if it makes you feel any better, on my contact page, i had an email address up that i didn't even remember making and i know certainly does not exist now! and i just found out today... good thing that contact form was there too! hahaa

  2. i do stuff like that all the time. :)