A Day at the Aquarium

Yesterday, Answer and I took The Dudes to The Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. I was a little nervous about driving all the way up there, but I love my Garmin...and having it makes me feel like a more confident driver, especially in areas of high traffic.

We made it up there safe and ended up having a great day! I've learned now that I have kids, I really care about if they're having a good time more than myself. I know they're babies and probably didn't give a crap where we were but we now have the pictures and memories of being somewhere. I love building these memories even if they're too small to remember right now.

Here are some pictures from our day:

The first thing we did was look at the fishies. The bright colored fish were easy for them to see and it was fun watching their big eyes follow the fish back and forth.

On our way to the next exhibit, it was dark in this main atrium and they were playing some movie about whales. At the end there was a very loud splashing noise and Isaiah was terrified. He screamed right away and my heart was breaking! I've only seen him that scared a couple of times so it was hard for Mama to handle. 

So I picked him up and held him for awhile :) 

We walked through lots of exhibits and the boys especially liked the fish that moved fast. 

But the people were really what was most entertaining:

Then we stopped in a dark hallway by the giant crabs and ate lunch. 

The Dudes were stoked:

Afterward we walked through the tunnel with the seals and sea lions.

Julian spazzed out. He LOVED watching the sea lions swimming around us!

We ended the day outside where it was time for Mama and Answer to experience the sea life.

Answer tried to get a picture of me touching a sting ray but this is as close as I could get:

But afterward I was brave enough to touch a starfish, sea slug and anemone. The sea slug was DISGUSTING. Slimy, cold and mushy. BLECH I get the heebie-geebies just talking about it.

But after our little adventure with the more tame sea life, Answer was brave enough to touch the sting ray.
(she's swam with them before so I think she's already had a little practice!)

We had a great day and I'm glad most of the aquarium exhibits were inside-we've been having record heat here in the OC and needed something cool inside to do. 

The only sucky part of the day was driving home in rush hour traffic with a sleepy/crying Julian in the back seat.  But we made it home safe and happy! 

Long Beach is beautiful and I hope Chikezie and I can take The Dudes back to do some more exploring!


  1. what a great learning experience for your boys! also, how do you not completely melt every time you look at your boy's hair? well, nevermind, i'm sure you do.

  2. Ha! I love the photo of the dudes in front of all the fish! Sad Julian cried. :(

  3. We crack up over their hair on a daily basis! We just can't believe how long and crazy it is.

  4. So much fun! They do have beautiful curls ;)

  5. what a fun trip! i love that picture of you holding isaiah and the big whale in the background!