Cloth Diapers Round Two?

I'm CONSIDERING trying this whole cloth diapering thing again. I'm tired of having to buy new disposables all the time and it's a lot of garbage. I'm not looking to full time cloth diaper, I'll still use disposables at night and if we go somewhere, but I'd like to at least do them during the day.

We tried gDiapers which blew chunks. The waistband wasn't comfortable, they leaked in the legs even with double liners. Then I tried a cheaper pocket diaper (I forget the brand), and maybe I didn't wash them enough but they would leak around the legs as well, even when doubly lined. Maybe I'll give those a try again. I don't have very many but now that the boys are bigger maybe they'll work better.

The problem is we're going to have to slowly build a stash, we don't have the $$ to just buy all the diapers we'll need at once and to be honest, I REALLY don't feel comfortable paying $20 for ONE diaper. I'd love to try some Fuzzibunz because I've read they're really the best however I don't think we'll fully go that route. Cloth diapering ONE baby takes a big investment, doing it with two is a little overwhelming financially. So I'm really looking for a cheap but reliable option.

Whatever happened to the old fashioned way of cloth diapering? Just with the plain old prefolds, diaper pins and plastic covers. It seemed to work back then. Yes, it was a little more inconvenient with the dunking and soaking and washing but hell, it worked just fine!

I'm really considering doing prefolds with Thirsties covers. They've gotten some pretty good reviews, are a pretty decent price. Also with prefolds I have the option of doing a couple different folds to test out absorbency. And they have these really cool things called Snappi cloth diaper fasteners,which are a modern alternative to pins if you chose to do like the angel or bikini folds with the prefolds.

So, those of you who cloth diaper-what are the most absorbent kinds of prefolds? I know there are hemp, Indian and Chinese cotton, fleece, etc. So if you've used them or know a site that talks about the most absorbent, please share! 

Or if you know any other alternatives for me that are cheaper and and still work, please share!


  1. I don't know much about prefolds. We bit the bullet and bought a small stash. I've added a little bit here and there to make the stash last longer. You should look at to see reviews and possibly buy used diapers from other moms.

    gDiapers were terrible for us, too. We LOVE LOVE LOVE pockets. :)

  2. Hey, I use disposables with my Finn but my friend Ebony just recently switched to cloth and is loving it. Her blog is Maybe she can help you out? She ordered a lot online so maybe she can share some resources. Her email link should be in her profile Hope that helps :-) x

  3. I have made the switch with my little one. I picked up a bunch of used softbums and really like them. But I have came across some really cheap pocket diapers and so far I like them I will have to say that I have not had them but about two weeks so I have only been through the 3 times. But with diapers at $6 a diaper I was happy. They are KaWaii Baby and you can pick them up at Luv Your Baby Products. I hope this helps.

  4. Thank you guys! I'm doing my research and going to look into all of these. Ugh so many diapers!

  5. I prefer prefolds on my twin girls. We use unbleached Indian prefolds, I think they are softer and since they are unbleached, they don't show stains as easily. I like the Flip diaper cover (it's one size, so it will grow with them), we have a total of 10 for the girls and about 2 1/2 dozen prefolds. I also have 10 AIO's for when we are out and about. And we don't do cloth at night, we use a disposable on each girl overnight. I end up washing our diapers every other day. =)

  6. I think prefolds are a good option for you to help save money. You just have to make sure and get good covers for them. I have the Econobum one size cover and I use it at night with a few cotton/terry inserts and it works great! It is not to badly priced either. Of course the pocket (mainly Fuzzibunz) are the best in my opinion but they can be really really pricy. Sometimes you can get a good deal on used ones on Ebay but you have to have the time and patience to bid on them. I have heard the flip covers are great too although I have never personally used them. Good luck deciding what to go with!

  7. if you have an account on babycenter there is all kinds of info on cloth diapers, also a cloth diaper swap, and since you seem to have gotten into sewing they even have a cloth diaper sewing group. I use Kawaii pocket diapers and they are very inexpensive not sure if these are the ones you've tried already if not here is there site