a boring little Friday

Here's what we did all day:

Isaiah and I fell asleep on the couch early this morning and I woke up to swats in the face from him:)

We had breakfast.

After the dudes ate I was hungry so I checked out the fridge:
I knew we were running out of stuff but we were at the bare minimum this morning. So I decided it was a morning to take the boys to the mall for some Jamba Juice and maybe some Subway for lunch. I wasn't prepared to eat plain carrots and yogurt for lunch. We were out of bread, oatmeal, milk, fruit, pretty much everything I eat for my breakfasts and lunch. LAME.

The boys played with their feet while I got stuff ready to go. 

I wore my newly made flower headband :) And stopped to admire my million freckles for a moment.

While at the mall we saw this exhibit of pimped out play houses. They were like mini REAL houses!
After we walked all over the mall we decided to walk home because it was way to hot out. And on our walk back, I stopped to admire the shadows the palm trees make on our street:
The boys were both nice and hungry when we got in the door...
so we went right to our high chairs for sweet potatoes and oatmeal :) 
Mama got screamed at between each bite because she wasn't feeding everybody fast enough. Sheesh!

And then Isaiah had his fingers for desert and chilled out on the couch until Daddy came home:
While I washed bottles and dishes, folded some laundry, cleaned the kitchen floor, got stuff ready for dinner.

And Julian serenaded us on his imaginary microphone.

Once Daddy was home I made turkey tacos (with only cheese on them because we were out of everything else), played with the boys and fed them once more before they went to bed at 8 p.m.

And then went grocery shopping-and didn't get back until 10. But saved $56 in coupons and felt pretty dang proud of myself. 



  1. this is so cute! sounds like you had a fun day! might want to do some grocery shopping soon though lol

  2. What a busy day :) The babies are so precious and look very happy. Your tattoo is beautiful , I love adding pictures to blogs too...Happy Saturday

  3. wow that is impressive! i would love some coupon-ing tips!!


  4. Thanks guys! I saved so much-I was fully prepared the bill would be $200 so I didn't get ALL of the things I wanted. But when we got to the counter it said $150-something and with all my coupons it dropped day down to under $110! A HUGE cart of groceries for that (and no not everything store brand, it was all good stuff!) I was so happy with myself I went to the gas station and got myself some gummy bears for the ride home LOL

  5. I don't know how anyday can be boring for you with those two little guys around!! Great job on the coupons, I always tell myself to clip coupons and I never do.

  6. We never used to clip coupons but now that we're a 4 person family on one income we've realized things got tight faster than we'd planned. Plus what's nice is we have a membership (Free) to our grocery store so we get the discounted price on everything and I just learned you can go to their website online and add online coupons to your card so you get even more $$ off. It's awesome!

  7. Aw, can I just eat their faces off? They are so cute :D

  8. sounds like a fun day! i love all the pictures too!