Big Brother

I know you've all been waiting for my post about Julian so I thought today would be a good day- the dudes are 5 months old today! If you missed the post all bout Isaiah last week, here you go

Let's get to know 5 month old, big brother (by one minute...but trust me, Chikezie is older than his twin brother by 5 minutes and he holds on to those 5 minutes), Julian Tochi James. 

  • Julian is our tummy sleeper. This means he knows how to roll to his tummy, something Isaiah hasn't showed any interest in doing yet. Every nap time and every night I find Julian in a different position in his bed. He usually flips to his belly and then scoots all over the bed in his sleep. (He takes after his wiggly, tummy sleeping Mama)

  • Julian has stayed consistent in personality, from the womb to 5 months. He is a quiet observer with bursts of energy and noise. He is such a thinker and I feel like he's always watching and learning. Only minutes after birth for a good half hour he had his eyes wide open, quietly observing the world. 

  • He chugs his bottles. A couple of weeks ago he literally chugged about 7 ounces in around 5 minutes. We kept checking everywhere to see if the bottle was leaking but everything was dry. Chikezie was just waiting for an explosion puke burp. Nothing. Not even a burp. 

And then there's this:

  • Julian likes to giggle, grunt and squirm when I'm changing his diapers. He's either laughing at my expressions and noises when I change a poopy diaper or he's giggling at how the cold wipes feel on his bottom. Either way-he thinks it's funny.

  • He has a habit of shoving his fist in his mouth before swallowing his food while we're eating. This results in a slobbery, drooly mess all over his hands and everything he touches thereafter. 

  • Julian loves bath time (as does his brother). But he also gets the giggles from time to time. 

You'll also notice from the video, he likes to blow raspberries with his tongue. He does this ALL the time now and spits out GALLONS of drool. Everything is usually soaked. 

  • When Julian is in his office, he doesn't want to be bothered.

  • And finally, there's just something about his sweet little face. He has this look, and this grin that completely melt your world. 

Happy 5 months dude. I just can't get enough of you...You are the best big brother anybody could have :)


  1. aawww, wittle bitty Julian....nice to "meet" you.

    And Mama, I LOVE the new header!

  2. You always take the best pictures. I love this...