Two Circles = Twins

I was 8 weeks along and in about a month and a half had coordinated my move across country. I set up an appointment with an OBGYN in West Des Moines to make sure everything was OK with the pregnancy before I moved across country. 

I was 10 minutes late to the appointment because I couldn't find the building. When I tried calling the office to confirm directions I kept getting a message that they were still closed. So annoying. When I got inside to the receptionist desk, the woman kind of gave me a snotty look because I was late. I informed her I tried to call but their message said they were closed and I would have been there earlier if someone would have been on the line to help me. She quickly shut up as she realized they forgot to take the phone system off of "night mode". Idiot. 

The OBGYN was a woman I hadn't ever seen and her style wasn't quite what I needed at that time. She was very blunt, talking about all kinds of birth defects and things that can go wrong with pregnancies at the beginning. I was all by myself and scared to be at the office anyways, I really didn't need her talking to me about all these scary things...but she didn't seem to care. I was nearly to the point of tears when she put the microphone on my belly to try to get a heart beat. She informed me that you can't normally hear heart beats that early but we'd try anyways. 

I laid staring at the white tile ceiling, listening to the fluttering and static noises on the speaker. And there it was. A loud, pulsing thump. Tears filled my eyes and I smiled as I heard my baby's heart beat for the very first time. This was all real now. I had a baby in my belly. I sadly wished Chikezie would have been there to hear it with me. It was so hard to have to listen to alone. I think the doc sensed that, and with my tears she became more gentle in her approach. 

Next, she measured my uterus to determine the size of the baby. She checked it a couple times and informed me even though I was only 8 weeks along, I felt like I was 11 weeks. She asked if I was sure I got pregnant around the 4th. I told her my fiancĂ© only visited for a week around that time...I was sure. So, they took me to the ultrasound room so they could get a clear picture of the baby and get a better determination of the baby's age. 

As I laid in the ultrasound room alone, waiting for the tech to come in, it felt like an eternity. I was going to see my baby. I wished again that Chikezie was there with me. For a brief, fleeting thought, I wondered what would happen if it were twins. Then shook off the notion and welcomed the tech's entrance into the room so I could break free of my own thoughts again. She put the cold gel on my belly and moved the wand back and forth. I saw a grey and white blurs crossing the TV screen mounted in front of me. 

And then this is what I saw:

"What do you see?" She asked me.
Tears welled up in my eyes because I knew exactly what I was looking at. 
"Two circles" was all I could muster.
"And what does that mean?" she asked.
"Twooo babiesssss" I said through tears and laughter. 

Holy crap. Chikezie was going to just die. The doctors handed me tissues and let me cry while I sat waiting for blood work. My mind raced. How was this even possible? Two babies. Two babies. 

Afterwards I sat outside and called my mom, who thought I was joking when I told her. She literally started laughing, waiting for my "gotcha!!" But the punch line did not come and I'm sure she had to pick her jaw up off the ground. All we could do was laugh. My life had been SO crazy the past few months. An engagement, deciding to move across country, finding out I was pregnant, planning out my whole move in a month, and now finding out it was twins. Sometimes all you can do is laugh!

I went to work afterward, tears finally dried but a smile from ear to ear was plastered on my face. I HAD to tell somebody. Most of my friends at the office knew I was pregnant (I had an awesome group of coworkers). I went straight to Petra's cube and didn't care what she was doing. Adam was sitting in there talking to her and all I couldn't stop myself from interrupting them. Our conversation went a little like this:

"You know how I had my doctor appointment this morning?"
"I'm f#@$ing having TWINS!!" 
Followed by an outburst of uncontrollable laughter by all three of us. All we could do was laugh hysterically at the craziness that was my life at that time. 

I kept trying to call Chikezie throughout the morning, but because he was 2 hrs behind me he was still asleep. Perfect timing for him to NOT answer his phone!! I finally got a hold of him and judging by how quiet he was when I told him I was pregnant, I wasn't sure how this would go. I told him everything at my appointment went well except for one thing, there wasn't one baby...there were two. He was very quiet. I've learned now that when he gets big bits of information, he needs awhile to process. And much like when I told him I was pregnant, he called me back later after confiding in friends, and he was happy. He told me it was going to be even better, because he was a twin. This was (sort of) familiar territory for him. We were going to be OK :)

And that was it! The entire day was filled with lots of laughter and shocked faces. I don't think anyone expected another surprise or big change in my life. But I know now that we're only given what we can handle. I guess someone sure thought a lot of me to give me so much at once, but bring it on, I thought. 


  1. I think everyone thought I was crazy when you called me at work and I started half screaming/half crying and jumping around everywhere!

  2. Wow! That is an amazing story!! Thanks for sharing. I can most certainly relate to the shock of seeing two babes on the screen! Wowza!

  3. It is one moment you never forget! I just wish my hubby was there to experience it with me!

  4. i can completely relate, this story shares a few similarities to my own. but it really is something that you have to experience to fully understand. i cannot even explain to others the shock but overwhelming joy of finding out you're having twins. : )

  5. What a beautiful story, thank you for sharing it! :)


  6. Not sure how I stumbled onto your blog, but what a great story! Your boys are just adorable!