this post is random and boring.

You probably don't even want to read this post. It's pretty boring. I'm kind of in a hurry-I have hungry dudes who are going to start yelling at me soon. I apologize for the sheer boringness that is to follow.

  • Well, we're officially moving out of the size S Carter's onesies. They fit the boys for quite awhile but last night we realized Isaiah's arms are too fat for the onesies anymore. He's been working out too much. His guns don't fit in his clothes anymore. Must be rough. 

  • Today we're going to walk over to the mall to see what we can find that will fit the boys and wont cost a bajillion dollars. Baby clothes are stinkin' expensive man! Target usually has some good finds. I rarely buy anything that isn't on sale. For myself or for the boys. There's a Carter's store at our mall too, which I like, so hopefully they'll have some sort of sale. The only negative of that store is that the clothes racks are so close together and the store is so cramped. Plus it's at the farthest end of the mall, so I have to walk fast to get there so the boys aren't ticked off by the time we get down there. 

  • The sun is finally coming out here in Southern California and I'm excited to get out of the apartment. For those of you who don't live here and just think it's sunny and hot all the time, you're mostly right. But, for the past few weeks it's been cool and cloudy. The weatherman, "Fritz", said that our first week in July was cooler than the first week in January this year. Lame.

  • I'm beginning to get together some ideas for a wedding next year sometime back home in Des Moines. This planning a wedding cross-country is kind of going to suck but will give me a project! I'm hoping with lots of research, we're going to be able to have a fairly cheap, but vintage/quirky wedding that everyone will enjoy. Etsy will be my best friend these next few months, I've found some very cute stuff there. Yay! 

  • We had an amazing weekend, complete with a visit from my aunt and great aunt and uncle. It was my aunt's first time meeting the boys and I was so glad she could come out. I love showing off my children. I'm sorry, but Chikezie and I make some good lookin' kids. 

  • And, speaking of visitors. I'm SO excited for next week. Monday, my brother-in-law and his girlfriend will be here until Wednesday, and then Wednesday afternoon my dad and brothers and sister will be here for a week! I miss them all so much!! 

Ok, well I don't have many more random thoughts as I have Isaiah in the bouncy chair next to me yelling at me and Julian on the couch yelling at me. I think it's time to eat! These boys don't stop!


  1. I completely agree about the Carter's store. We have one near us too (in Minnesota)and the isles are too small for strollers. I mean ... hello....mama's with strollers are their biggest shoppers. Seems very odd to me, but I can't go in there with the girls. A double stroller is way to wide. Dumb.

    Oh - and I love all the company comin' your way. Enjoy!

  2. Yeah, totally don't get the baby stores that are so not stroller friendly. Our Carters is totally crowded, too. I love Carter's stuff, but it's not working for us right now (the Target brand Carter's stuff is, though). I'm all about the sales rack, as well.

  3. You should check out they have great clothes for cheap usually name brand some are slightly used some not used at all. My son grows so fast I never want to spend too much on anything. I also got a bumbo there for 5.00 and a big boy bath seat for 5.00 that retail for 60.00 so if you have time I definetly suggest checking out this place I believe this is one is Lake Forest so not to far from Irvine

  4. OMG Sabrina this link is awesome-and Lake Forest is only a few minutes away I'm definitely going to check it out! Thank you!!