If you've read The Dudes page, or know us, you're aware my Dude is a web designer. He has a full time job as an interface designer for Oakley at their headquarters here in Southern Cali...however he also does some freelance gigs on the side. 

He recently resigned and relaunched his portfolio site Nine Lion Design... and I must say it is pretty kick ass. He's a perfectionist when it comes to design, and he has spent a lot of time here at home editing his site to make it just right. Here's a sneak peek at what you'll see:

Also, if you go to the portfolio section of his site, you'll get a little preview of his designs for this blog, which I'm VERY excited about. Here's a little peek at that:

He is amazingly talented and creative, and because of his skills I'm able to stay home with the dudes and be a full time Mama! So go on over to his site and check out the newness. If you think you want a site designed - you know how to get at me :) 

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