lost in the land of baby carriers...

I'm a baby wearing mama. I love wearing the boys on me as often as possible. Throughout the day, I'm wearing someone in the Moby Wrap and sometimes when we're out and I need something quick to put on, the Bjorn

Although conventional wisdom has told us that holding your babies too much can spoil them, it's quite the opposite. According to the all knowledgeable Dr. Sears, baby wearing has many benefits including increased learning time, less crying, increased brain development and sling babies are generally smarter because of the time they spend in a quiet and alert stage, experiencing the world as you do. (I found these on askdrsears.com)

The main reason I wear the boys is because I like it. With twins you really have to find the best way to entertain both boys at once, and still get things done. If I'm wearing Julian, I know he's going to be quiet and content. Then I only have to worry about Isaiah; whether he has entertainment and if he's happy. If he gets fussy I can easily pick him up while Julian is in the wrap and everyone is happy. 

The two carriers I have both have their benefits and flaws. The Bjorn is great for Chikezie because it's easy to work and not too girly. It's great for when we're at the mall and someone wants out of the stroller. I can snap it on quickly and we're good to go. However, the straps are so thin and all the weight is pretty much  hanging from your shoulders. It hurts my neck and back now that the boys are bigger. The Moby Wrap, on the other hand, criss-crosses really wide across my back and is much more comfortable. However, it takes a minute to get on (which seems like an eternity with a crying baby) and is starting to stretch under the weight of the boys. 

So, now I'm looking for something that is a combination of the two. Quick and easy to put on with wide comfy straps that distribute weight evenly. I'd also like something that I could put the boys on my back if needed. Many times I find myself trying to see over whoever is on my chest while I wash dishes or do housework. It would be great to wear them on my back and still be able to see what I'm doing! 

I'm debating between two different carriers:
Baby Hawk Mei Tai
BabyHawk Mei Tai Baby Carrier Gossip Tree Sky on Chocolate StrapsBabyHawk Mei Tai Baby Carrier Black Calaveras on Cherry Straps
These are a good combination of what I'm looking for. Basically a panel of fabric with straps on the four corners. These can be worn safely on the front or back. There is a neck/head support so if the baby falls asleep he has support on his head. These carry all different sized babies, up to 45lbs I believe. Plus you can customize them with all sorts of cute patterns and colors. The only problem I foresee with these is that they may be a little complicated to tie and the straps might not be comfortable for long use wearing. 

The other contender:
The Ring Sling
MAYA WRAP Lightly Padded Baby Ring Sling Carrier MEDIUM (5'2" TO 5'9") BRIGHT STRIPEZolowear Cotton Baby Sling Sage, X-Small
These slings look easy to throw on and put a baby in. I love the designs and bright colors. You can wear the baby on your stomach on your hip and I believe on your back. My only hitch with these is that the strap, although wide, is only on one shoulder. I'd have to find a brand that had a nicely padded shoulder or I'd be hurting. These would probably be good for short time use but probably not for a long day. Plus, I have squirmy boys. I don't know how they'd sit still in these. I saw a daddy holding a 12 month old boy in one of these at the farmer's market on Saturday. I asked him how he liked it and although they got good use out of it, he said it was starting to get a little heavy and they were working on transition to an Ergo carrier (which look nice but are a little pricey...and I don't like all the pockets and clips and straps). 

So, my lovely bloggity blog followers-I need your help...AGAIN. (I know, needy right?)
  • What do you carry your baby in?
  • What features do you like/dislike about your carrier?


  1. Oooo- another great post I can comment on: I'm kind of a nut about babywearing. I wish I could do it more, but 2 babies is a little limiting on that front sometimes. Bjorn=bad for babies' hips so I would suggest not using that one anymore. It's referred to as a "crotch-dangler" in babywearing circles because the baby hangs from their crotch. You want the baby's knees to be higher than their butt (like in the Mei Tai) so it's kind of like they are sitting.

    My thoughts on the Mei Tai: if you like it but are wondering about the ties you can get a Oh Snap!- its basically the same without the ties. I considered it, but it's pretty pricey.

    My thoughts on the ring sling: I got one after I got tired of wrapping my Sleepy Wrap for a quick fix for a fussy baby out and about. You're right- its much better for short term than extended periods of time. I have a bad back and it doesn't take long for the uneven weight distribution to bother me. Plus, my twins don't like it all that much. If you go that route, I reccommend Sleeping Baby Productions.

    I have heard great things about Ergo carriers, and I just ordered one so it should be arriving any day. So I plan to use that the most, but when babywearing both I'll use the Ergo and the Sleepy Wrap, and when we go places as a family my husband can use the Ergo and I'll use the Sleepy Wrap.

  2. I do think the Ergos look pretty nice-I just don't know if I can do over $100 for one! I really am leaning toward the Mei Tai I think. They're so cute too haha

  3. I'm pretty sure I'm going to get an Ergo. We are going to be taking Drake to a lot of Iowa games this fall and I think it will work perfect for that!

  4. I have an Ergo. I love it. I started with the Moby when Ruari was first born, but it started to get to be too much as she got more wiggly. The Ergo is very easy to put on by yourself. Very important! :) Ruari likes it too.