Flashback Friday: jamming with dad

This was taken a couple years ago when I was back in my hometown for a weekend visit. It was a warm spring morning, probably a Sunday after church. My Dad and I sat in cars next to each other in my Grandma's yard as I listened to him blasting the stereo in his Explorer. We could have gone inside where goodies beyond belief waited, but we sat in our cars a little while enjoying the music and the beautiful day. I lived three hours away and my visits home weren't too often so this was one time we were in no hurry. Dad was listening to a cd my aunt had made him and I'm guessing it was the Bee-Gees or something funny lol. My Dad was probably defending their awesomeness and I couldn't help but roll my window down and jam out with him.

A lot of the memories I have of my dad involve him jamming out to something 80's rock-ish. He'd drum his hands on the steering wheel and dash, singing with the harmonies and tapping his non-driving foot on the car floor. You can tell he used to be a drummer. Nobody else would be able to do all of that at the same time, keeping a decent beat and the car on the road. 

Or we'd be at home sitting on the dining room floor in front of the stereo, where he'd use his old drumsticks and beat out rhythms on the carpet. Journey, Kansas, Reo Speedwagon and my favorite, Boston. Every time my song, "Amanda" would come on I'd get so excited and I'd always love hearing my dad sing to it. 

This moment lost in music didn't last long and is such a small, unimportant moment... but every time I see this picture I feel happy. Every time I hear a Boston song, it brings be back to memories like this, of just me and my Dad enjoying some good music together. 

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