Flashback Friday: excuse the mullet.

So many people have summer memories of playing with friends, swimming at the pool and riding bikes in the street until the street lights came on. Well, I kind of have those memories but my friend was my dog, I rode my bike on the long sidewalks by myself and this was my pool. No, I was not a total loser. This was life on the farm. 

This picture was taken before we lived on the farm, when my grandparents still lived there. I loved going to grandma's house. She still has that little orange tractor in her basement. The youngest of her grandkids is two years old and I'm sure she's ridden the orange tractor. I'm not sure where my pink bicycle is but I'm almost positive we still have it somewhere. We have so many toys in our family that have been passed down from my uncles and aunts. I hope some day we can take the boys to my grandma's house and they can play with the toys I played with when I was little. 

Look at how dirty my shoes are! I'd probably stepped in the pool with them just to see what would happen and then realized they were too squishy and soggy to play in. They're covered in dirt from trekking all over the farm with Luger, the dog. Luger is a weird dog name for a girl dog. I found out later that Luger is a kind of German pistol. Luger was a German Shepard so...I guess it works. She was such a good dog. I think by the end she was starting to go blind a little and was deaf. But she was such a good dog. 

I probably didn't do much swimming in that baby pool, but I probably washed the bike and the tractor in it. I probably put leaves in it and stirred it around to make a big stew. I probably tried to wash the dog in it. These were the beginnings of a very vivid imagination. Playing on my own outside on the farm. I hardly ever watched TV and was usually outside getting dirty. This is something I hope to instill in the boys. A sense of adventure. A genuine want to be outside instead of in front of the boob tube. 

And... I know you're probably wondering who gave me that horrid haircut. Blame my mom. She did it. If you can't see, in the back there is a ponytail. Yes, a mullet. Laugh all you want, jerks. But I guarantee at some point you had a mullet too; we all did. Stupid parents. 

  • Is there a toy that you play with that your brothers and sisters or cousins or kids in your family still play with?
  • What's your favorite grandma's house memory?
  • Did you have a mullet at any point in your life?

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  1. 1. There is this little blue chair I had as a kid and my son plays with it now. It may or may not be painted with lead paint, but listen, it's sentimental!
    2. My favorite grandma's house memory is eating spoonfuls of Jif and/or Fluff when no one was looking because that stuff wasn't allowed in our house.
    3. I never had a mullet. I had worse: frizzy curly hair + bangs = bad bad idea