So I'm doing my research on wedding/reception locations in Des Moines. I've found some really cute stuff! 

Here's a few places I'm considering...tell me what you think! Keep in mind, it's going to be fall. I was thinking September but we're obsessed pretty serious Hawkeye football fans. There's a bye week on November 12 so that might be the weekend. Probably Friday the 11th. Nothing is for sure though. 

These are in no specific order: (click on the name to go to the facility website)
  • Des Moines Science Center I know the pictures are small but it looks pretty sweet! How cool is the Star Theater?
  • Des Moines Botanical Center We've thought about this one for quite awhile but really would end up being a little more pricey than some of the other places because you have to use their caterer.
  • The Capitol Room I've been leaning toward this place lately. I like it's vintage feel and it's located in the East Village. For all of you non-Des Moinians, the East Village is a trendy little area close to the capitol in downtown Des Moines.
So, what do you guys think? Anybody have any other suggestions that aren't too pricey. And just a reminder, I'm working to keep expenses low, so nothing too outlandish.


  1. The Temple for the Performing Arts!

  2. I totally want to have ours at the Temple for the Performing Arts, but not sure how expensive it is!

  3. The Science Center would be super cool!!

    I also think Jasper Winery or Architectural Salvage would be awesome places for a reception!

  4. Hmmm, that's a hard one. I like the Science center, that would be a cool setting. Or even the room, two spots down. I can't remember what it was called. I love the herb garden of the botanical center. From the picture you could have fun doing a lot of vintagey decor, etc. If I could plan my wedding again, I would hit up all the etsy shops I could. You could create a very classy, vintage, organic wedding (kind of like your blog design)...if that's what you want of course :)

  5. Ok, after I posted that comment I saw your homemade wedding tab up top. I'm so jealous right now!

  6. Debbi-I've found some really awesome stuff on Etsy so far, I just need to start making up my mind on what I want to get!